30 Days of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

30 Days of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

Are you a Charlotte Mason homeschooler?

Are you a purist, or do you blend different methods and styles? Does the Charlotte Mason philosophy inspire your homeschool?

Who is Charlotte Mason anyway?

Join us next month as we explore the Charlotte Mason philosophy, and we look at how her influence is lived out in homeschools everywhere.

You'll hear from 30 bloggers who'll discuss following the Charlotte Mason philosophy in the digital age, nature study for city dwellers, homeschooling ADHD, blending Charlotte Mason with other styles, Charlotte Mason for pre-schoolers, and much more.

The 30 Days of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling series kicks of January 15th.

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If there are any topics you'd like to see covered in this series, just ask!

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Some of the bloggers you'll hear from are:


Chelli Lee Guthrie from The Planted Trees

Lara Stoots Molettiere from Everyday Graces Homeschool

Tracy Glockle from Growing in Grace

Nadine Dyer from Up Above The Rowan Tree

Leah Courtney from As We Walk Along the Road

Leah Martin from My Little Robins

Jamie Erickson from The Unlikely Homeschool

Sara Jordan Panning from Embracing Destiny

Gemma Somauroo from Our Muslim Homeschool

Ana Willis from They Call Me Blessed 

Erica Johns from Enrichment Studies

Joanie Boeckman from Simple Living Mama

Tatiana Adurias from The Musings of Mum

Dachelle Mayfield McVey from Hide The Chocolate

Kristina Garner from Blossom & Root

Sara Bliss from Holistic Homeschooler