This week I had the opportunity to preview the “Is Genesis History?” documentary. Is Genesis History? is a compelling documentary that makes a case for the reliability of scripture. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I’m a huge advocate of teaching children apologetics and defending a Biblical worldview. (I received a digital copy of this film for review purposes, all opinions are my own.) More importantly my goal is to encourage you to teach your children to take the Bible literally. Every. Single. Word. The Bible tells us that: All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,  that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16-17  Go back and read that one more time, but this time read it out loud and focus on these three words: all, complete, every. These words speak of absolutes, therefore we must take them as such. The passage does not say “some scripture is given by inspiration of God….that the man of God may be unfinished, thoroughly equipped for a little bit of work”.  If it did not many of usREAD MORE

Salt Water Conductivity Experiment

This week I’m joining the month-long Science Celebration at The Learning Hypothesis. Enjoy four weeks of science ideas, experiments, activities and a giveaway! My high school science class memories have absolutely nothing to do with science. Both my biology and chemistry teachers were known for incessant lectures and assigning endless research. Therefore I often caught up on sleep (yes, I know that’s bad) and occasionally caught up on homework during this time. I’m a visual and kinesthetic learner, doing, is crucial when I’m learning something new. I’m sad to say that since we hardly ever did any hands on learning, science class was the last place I wanted to be. As a homeschool mom, I look back on high school science class, and I want to a) kick myself on the behind for napping in class, and b) make it a point to make science fun and relevant for my girls. Salt Water Conductivity Earlier this year we learned about the electrical conductivity properties of salt water. Electricity and water are not two things you typically want to pair-up; however adding salt to the mix makes this experiment interesting. Before seeing how it all works, lets learn a little more aboutREAD MORE

How Mr. D Math Eliminated Our Homeschool Math Fears

** I was compensated for my time reviewing this product and writing this review All opinions are my own. You can see my full disclosure here. After a very long and frustrated venting session on a Facebook group a few months ago, a homeschool mom suggested Mr. D Math. I finally got the opportunity to try the Mr. D Math curriculum hands on. I failed Algebra I my freshman and sophomore years of high school; then somehow passed the following year. I’m convinced my math teacher awarded me that glorious D minus out of pure pity. I’d love to say that my struggle with math ended in high school, but unfortunately the lack of ability to comprehend math concepts, was passed on to my kids. All six of them. The day we decided to homeschool, the struggle became fear. The thought of having to teach the kids math terrified me. It was almost a deal breaker. I could barely help my 4th grader with public school homework, I didn’t want to imagine having to teach my high schoolers Algebra. By the time Mr. D math was suggested, we had tried several different methods and curriculum. Though some methods were working wellREAD MORE


We’ve all had those days. You know, the days when you know exactly which assignments you want the kids to complete before taking a week off, or before a holiday, yet nothing gets done. My 3rd oldest is turning 16, or actually she turned 16 last month but we are having a rather large party to celebrate this milestone in the middle of May, and unlike my oldest girl, this one is a little behind on the party planning. A couple of weeks ago we were scheduled to take a quick 5 minute walk-through the banquet hall where said shindig will take place. It’s not far from the house, so we decided take maybe an hour off our Wednesday morning for the tour. Very quickly this one hour on a Wednesday morning escalated into a Wednesday to Friday affair. We toured the facility, the decoration inspiration bug bit us and we ended up driving to multiple party supply stores. The following day we went dress shopping, and spent hours on Pinterest looking up cakes. Have you ever planned a sweet sixteen? It’s just a little less intense than planning a wedding. This is my 2nd one of 5. Yikes. WhileREAD MORE

Famous Birthdays

April 28th, marks the 259th birthday celebration of the 5th President of the United States, James Monroe. A Brief Biography James Monroe was born on April 28, 1758, in Westmoreland County, Virginia. After his father’s death, at the age of 16 he enrolled at the College of William and Mary to study law, however, his studies were cut short when he enrolled in the Continental Army. After the war, he studies law under Thomas Jefferson and eventually served in the Continental Congress in 1783. He was elected as the 5th U.S. President in 1817 and served for two terms until 1825.   Check out these 13 Facts About Founding Father James Monroe.   James Monroe’s Greatest Accomplishments The Monroe Doctrine opposed European colonization of the Americas. Though Monroe is credited with it, it was actually written by hi Secretary of State, John Quincy Adams. The Missouri Compromise allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state, and Maine as a free state to provide a balance between slave and free states. BBB Contemporaries & Historical Events Do you ever wonder who else was around when major historical events were taking place or what else might have been happening at that timeREAD MORE

Famous Birthdays

April 13th marks the 274th birthday celebration of the 3rd President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. A Brief Biography Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13th, 1743 in Shadwell, in the Colony of Virginia. At the age of 16, he attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, where he studies math, metaphysics, and philosophy. While working as a clerk in a law office, he studied law. He ran for office and became the 3rd U.S. President in 1801. Check out these 10 Facts About Thomas Jefferson. 5 of Thomas Jefferson’s Greatest Accomplishments Wrote the Declaration of Independence Drafted the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom Served as the 3rd President of the United States Served as the United States Secretary of State Made the Louisiana Purchase Contemporaries & Historical Events Some of Jefferson’s contemporaries were James Monroe,  Noah Webster, James Madison, Louis XVI, Alexander Hamilton, Marie Antoinette, Mozart, LaFayette, Andrew Jackson, Francis II, and Napoleon. Books & Online Articles Movies and Documentaries Thomas Jefferson: A Film By Ken Burns – We caught this on PBS a while back, well-done documentary. Books and Online Articles Who Was Thomas Jefferson? The Thomas Jefferson Foundation has a huge library of resources,READ MORE

Homeschool Mother's Journal

Seriously, every time I look at the calendar another month has come and gone. I didn’t even realize March was here until the 3rd. With a new month comes a new edition of this journal I’m attempting to keep. In my life this month… I never expected to be one of those crazy party planning moms, but it turns out I am. We are in full sweet-sixteen planning mode. When our oldest girl turned 16 four years ago we seem to have set an expectation at the type of party for the rest of the girls. This month we will be preparing all the decorations, and most importantly searching for a dress, now that the venue is secure. Also, basketball season is coming to an end. As always we’ve enjoyed watching all our girls play and seeing their skills and sportsmanship grow has been a blessing. We will miss traveling for away games and fellowship with other homeschool families, but I’m excited about being back at home on Fridays and Saturdays. In our homeschool this month… We completed our second level of our History Revealed curriculum as scheduled and we will be diving deep into American history and literature. I’m aREAD MORE

Building friendships is not as easy for some of us. defines a friend as a person who gives assistance, a patron, a supporter. We all need these supporters, especially when it comes to homeschooling.  Building Friendships is Not Always Easy I’m an introvert by nature; in fact, many people see me as either rude or antisocial; however, this is not the case. I’m just one of those people who like to keep to themselves and are constantly thinking about stuff, all kinds of stuff. I’m thinking about the groceries we need to pick up, the laundry I didn’t put away, the crisis in the Middle East, the blog post I want to write; I’m even still laughing at the ridiculous cat video one of the girls showed me last week. I’m not rude, snobbish, and I’m not judging you, I promise! However, this is what people often see when they meet me. Friendships don’t come easy for me. I have to REALLY work at them. I mean really work. Taking the homeschool leap was blissful at first. Finally, there was something I could do solo. No need to make small talk with the PTA moms, team moms, teachers, etc. I wasREAD MORE

Famous Birthdays

This March marks the 266th birthday celebration of the 4th President of the United States, James Madison. I have to tell you I’ve really been enjoying this famous birthdays series. I’ve learned so much by gathering resources for you, I hope you are too! Quick Facts About the 4th American President James Madison was born on March 16, 1751 in Port Conway VA. Madison attended Princeton University, studied Law and graduated early. He later served 2 consecutive terms as President of the United States from 1809-He died on June 28, 1836 at the age of 85 and is buried in Montpelier VA. A Brief Biography James Madison’s Greatest Accomplishments He played a major role in the creation of the Constitution and wrote the The Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments to the Constitution). He wrote or co-wrote 29 of the 85 articles and essays known as the The Federalist Papers, promoting the ratification of the Constitution. During his presidency, he declared war on Brittain which later lead to the war of 1812. Contemporaries James Madison lived during a time of great history makers. Some of his contemporaries include German composer and pianist Ludwig Van Beetoven, Austrian composer Franz Schubert, British author Charles Dickens; as well as some history makers we learnedREAD MORE

Encouragement and Inspiration for the Homeschool Blahs

Are you in need of encouragement and inspiration for the homeschool blahs? I’ve heard it say that many homeschoolers are ready to call it quits in November and February. I’ve been there more than once due to burnout and when our routine and curriculum just weren’t working. Here’s some great news whether this describes how you’re feeling or if you just need some encouragement and inspiration. The bloggers at iHomeschool Network, have put together an amazing resource to get you soaring through the rest of the year. The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Volume 2 was just released and is available on paperback and Kindle instant download. This resource covers 57 topics, by 38 homeschool moms. This was not put together by a stranger who’s never been on the homeschool trenches. But by women who have been and still are in your shoes, women one who are schooling multiple ages, women who have successfully graduated their children, women who struggle to keep their homes presentable while educating their children. Yup just like you and me.  Encouragement and Inspiration Topics Include Socialization opportunities for teens Independent learning for teens Fun with high school electives Assigning high school credit to life learning opportunities DualREAD MORE

Homeschool Mother's Journal

I’m happy to say that after a VERY slow start this year we’re finally back into full school mode, and we’re still having a great time. Here’s what’s happening in our home this month. In my life this month… This month an aunt of mine will be making the 5,000 mile trip from Bolivia to the United States for the first time. She’ll stay in our home for a couple of days and we’re super exited to meet her. Aside from her charm, she’s famous for her cooking skills and we can’t wait to learn from her. In our homeschool this month… We’re reading Shakespeare’s Henry V this month. My girls LOVE to perform so the dramatic readings have been a ton of fun. There’s been talk of building a small stage in the garage for such performances. I’ll keep you posted. Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… Basketball season is upon us so our week days are filled with practice and our weekends with road games from early in the morning, until very late at night. We will be spending a lot of time with other homeschool families as we cheer our teams on. This is one ofREAD MORE

These 10 free must have apps would allow our homeschool to run un-interrupted even if we had to get rid of all the printed curriculum we currently own.  1. Livribox We had been using the subscription based Kindle Unlimited and Audible until we heard about this free app. Livribox features free public domain audiobooks, in multiple languages and versions read by volunteers. We’re not just enjoying listening, but a couple of my girls are actually interested in becoming volunteers. 2 .Evernote Evernote is a virtual notebook that keeps your notes, files, bookmarks, and reminders neatly organized. I admit it took a little bit of time to get used to, and I didn’t like it at all at one point, but now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, it is the number one tool in my homeschool. I organize lesson plans, put courses together, create sharable files and tests for my girls, etc. The paid version allows you to access files offline, this paid feature came in handy when homeschooling during a move and while traveling last year. 3. Google Docs & Google Drive Google Docs gives you the ability to create, share and edit spreadsheets and word files in real-time.READ MORE

Brooklyn Bat Boy | The Musings of Mum

I’m joining hundreds of bloggers across the web in the Multicultural Children’s Book Day. Our book is Brooklyn Bat Boy, written by Geoff Griffin.  I’m excited this day is finally here, because I can’t wait to share this book with you. (I received a free copy of Brooklyn Bat Boy to write this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, see my full disclosure here.) When I found out my girls and I would be reviewing a book that was centered on baseball, I was a little worried. You see, I planned to read it with my 9 and 11-year-old girls. We’re not baseball fans, never have been, and I was concerned about keeping them engaged. When the book arrived and I showed it to the girls I got a couple of blank stares and one very sassy “are you kidding me?”. After explaining what the book was about, both were just a tad more open to sticking around. About The Book Brooklyn Bat Boy is the story of Bobby Kelly, a boy who gets the opportunity of a lifetime.  Bobby gets hired as the Brooklyn Dodgers bat boy, during the “1947 baseball season that changedREAD MORE

Famous Birthdays

I’ll admit it, I’m an Abraham Lincoln groupie. I became absolutely fascinated by The Liberator while reading KIlling Lincoln in 2011. Until then, my knowledge of the 16th President of the United States was limited to “Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States”. I’m not kidding, that was it. History was NOT my favorite subject. Oh how things have changed! In fact, you could say that my fascination with history (particularly American History) began when I learned how this self-educated man was elected to congress, became President, issued the Emancipation Proclamation, established the US National Banking System, signed the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery and so much more. Before we move on check out these 39 Facts About Abraham Lincoln. Are you a fan yet? To help you get acquainted with The Ancient One, I’ve included a couple of videos and compiled a list of links for further study. Abraham Lincoln on YouTube If you’ve got the time, and if you’re as fascinated by Uncle Abraham as I am, watch his extended biography below. One of Lincoln’s most well-known speeches is The Gettysburg Address. For Further Exploration If you’re ready to learn more about Honest Abe, check out the links below,READ MORE

Homeschool Mother's Journal

When I started this blogging journey 4 years ago, my intention was to document where the homeschool adventure had taken us. After taking multiple blogging breaks and finally finding our groove, I’m back to where it all started. I’m joining homeschool bloggers across the web and in sharing our plans, wins and fails every month. In my life this month… Our family spent nearly the entire holiday season stuck at home with the flu, needless to say that home cooked meals were a luxury in December and workouts were non-existent. Now that we are finally virus free, and able to leave the house for groceries; the meal prep extravaganza will take place next week, just in time for a hectic basketball season. In our homeschool this month… We tend to take A LOT of unplanned time off during the holiday season. I’ve spent this first week of the year evaluating our progress and figuring out a game plan for our second semester. Even though history and science are our favorite subjects, they took a back seat last semester. We will be focusing on both this month. Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… We joined a local Wild & Free group last semester,READ MORE

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, I’m exited to share some Christmas traditions, and how we celebrate Christmas in Bolivia; my homeland. (This post contains affiliate links, see my full disclosure here.) My family immigrated to the United States when I was just 11 years old, my husband’s family arrived from the Philippines in the same year. Seven years later, we married and formed a family that has managed to keep Bolivian and Filipino traditions, while also adopting American traditions, and in recent years British traditions. I guess you can say we love Christmas, and we love to pass down traditions. I’d love for you to grab a cup of hot chocolate, and learn a bit about how Christmas is celebrated in Bolivia. The Nativity and The Christ Child In the latter weeks of November, every family sets-up elaborate nativity scenes. These include lakes, hills, houses, all sorts of animals, shepherds and angels. Many of these take up entire rooms in many homes. I remember working on our nativity setting for hours with both of my parents. Just take a look at some of the pictures below. The central piece of the nativity of course is the Christ childREAD MORE

Famous Birthdays

The Industrialist John Paul Getty was born on December 15th, 1892, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After graduating from Oxford University with degrees in political science and economics, he returned to the Unites States and made his first million by the age of 23. He began drilling for oil in California in the 1920’s and his fortune continued to grow. After his father’s death in 1930, he became president of the Getty Oil Company and began to purchase other oil companies which he later merged into the Getty Oil Company. During the 1940’s, Getty invested part of his fortune in an extensive art collection, that he would later share with generations to come. Before we learn more about his love for art, watch his mini biography below. Art Collector & Philanthropist My love of fine art increased – the more of it I saw, the more of it I wanted to see. J Paul Getty J Paul Getty believed that “art is a civilizing influence in society”, and worked to make art available to everyone. In 1948, he donated pieces from his personal art collection to the Los Angeles Museum of Art, in 1953 he established the museum trust and in 1954 heREAD MORE

I think it’s very safe to say that Spielberg is a well-known name in most households. It definitely is in mine, and not just because I am the proud mother of a film student. Spielberg was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on December 18th 1946. At the age of 10, he took over as the family filmography and in 1963, at the age of 16 he wrote and directed his first his first full-length film. Spielberg got his first professional job at the age of 21, making him one of the youngest directors of his time. You can read Spielberg’s biography here, and watch his mini biography below. The Filmmaker and Philanthropist Spielberg has over 150 producer credits on both television and film. You’ll find his name in the credits well-known movies like Schindler’s List and even on cartoons like Pinky and the Brain. Some of his most popular films include: Schindler’s List Jurassic Park Raiders of the Lost Ark Saving Private Ryan Jaws E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Close Encounters of the Third Kind Catch Me If You Can Minority Report As a result of his involvement with Schindler’s List, he established the Righteous PersonsREAD MORE

10 Practical Self-Care Tips for the Tired Homeschool Mom

Webster defines tired as in need of rest, or weary. Synonyms for tired include exhausted, worn out, fatigued, ready to drop, drained. How many times have you used any of these words to describe how you feel this week alone? I’ve used them quite a lot of times. I’ll admit I’ve said I’m ‘ready to drop’ at least 3 times this week, and it’s only Wednesday. To top it off this is a holiday week, and there’s a million things that many of us have to get done before the Thanksgiving holiday. When my kids were little, everyone said to sleep when they sleep. As they got a little older and naps were no longer a reality I wished I had taken their advise. The older the kids are, the less sleep I get and the more I use phrases like ready to drop. Homeschooling brings on an even deeper level of exhaustion. You not only have family, household and work responsibilities, but you now have the home-education-responsibility add-on. These last three years, I’ve struggled to get it all done, and I’ve strived to do it perfectly (type-A personality), but something’s gotta give. And it did. This summer I took a lookREAD MORE

100 Books For Your Middle Schooler

    My dad encouraged me to read great books at a very young age. I didn’t always understand what was going on, but I did develop a deep love for books. I remember him urging me to read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne when I was just seven! It was well beyond my years, however I re-read it at age 12 and I was surprised at how much I remembered it and enjoyed it. The following, is a list of great books my kids and I have read and loved. I asked all six of them for their input, so I assure you this is not a list of complete randomness. We actually own, have read and recommend these. I’ll also be giving away 3 of our favorites, look for details at the end of this post. On To The Middle School Book List A word of caution before you purchase any of these, I’ve had middle schoolers for 10 years now, some more mature than others, so please be mindful of some adult themes on some of these books. Shakespeare for example may not be appropriate for everyone. God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew Jack and Jill by Louisa May AlcottREAD MORE