Motherhood Encouragement For The Mom of an Only Child

Motherhood encouragement is so important and I am so excited I get to encourage moms about the blessings of being a mom to an “only” child! If you don’t have an only child, there is something good in here for you too! God wants to encourage us all as mothers in this crazy thing called motherhood. Have you noticed that there is a lot of shaming that goes on between moms about so many things? I just don’t get it. As a mom of an only child I have heard a few things over the years that felt like a crush to my spirit at the time: Are you having “only” one? Poor Child! You must have it easy! When you have two, then you will be a real mom, until then you are just playing house. Your child must be spoiled. How cruel to only have one. Your child will grow up lonely and selfish. Motherhood is so hard and more than once I have been made to feel that I should be happy that I have it so easy. But easy is relative isn’t it? What is easy to me may not be easy for you and viceREAD MORE

5 Ingredients of Biblical Parenting

Am I the only mom who has wondered over the years of parenting if I was doing things right? Biblical parenting was the goal that my husband and I had in mind, but we weren’t sure what that looked like. Over the 36 years of parenting our 8 kids, we sought wisdom from God’s Word, as well as from Godly parents who had raised their kids to know and love God.  Though Biblical parenting involves many things, I believe there are 5 key ingredients.  1.  Begin training and teaching them EARLY. A child’s character is formed primarily in his early years, so it’s very important that we begin early to teach and train our kids in God’s Word. And that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 3:15 The harder you work at teaching and training your kids when they are young, the easier the rest of your parenting years will be. As young children their minds are like a dry sponge, and they soak up the truths from Scripture that we teach them. It’s a great time to help themREAD MORE

The Practical Side of Gospel-Centered Parenting

As a mom of five beautiful children whose faith is her lifeline, I knew I wanted to raise my kids according to the Gospel. From an early age, I wanted to instill in them the wonder and awe and peace and protection the Gospel offers. I have learned over the years that sometimes life can get in the way of our plans, our dreams, and our hopes. Yet, oftentimes it is these detours and bumps along the road that brings us right where we need to be: at the feet of Jesus. I know that my mothering journey has been one filled with lots of U-turns, tears, and sometimes downright frustrations. As a mom who loves to figure out a way to make things work, I knew that spending time learning how to be a Gospel-centered parent would be time well spent. This is what I have learned in my decade of experience in raising my brood. Create a Mission Statement Stop. Right. Here. Before you are tempted to move onto the next point and think that this step is not for you, I need you to wait! This is the most crucial step. It is the foundation of itREAD MORE

Biblical Encouragement For The Special Needs Mom

Please know I am only sharing based on my personal experiences. I understand the care of a special needs child varies greatly. Today I hope to share some encouragement from God’s word to your heart as you make the best decisions you can for your individual parenting situation. shared with the permission of my sweet daughter… I sat on the floor next to her begging God to calm her spirit. We were almost 2 hours into our daily bedtime battle. Tears streamed down my face as she continued. I had been roped into her nighttime rituals and I didn’t even know it yet. The compulsive checking, counting, evenness testing and repeated words started once again. Our other 4 children huddled in the other room trying to get to sleep despite the chaos. I had lost all hope. There was no hope in the night ending by explaining away the OCD. My heart ached to reassure her and convince her that she didn’t “need” to do these things. That everything is really ok. And then have her drift off to sleep. But there is no rationalizing with OCD. She would continue until she wore herself out and finally crashed. To watchREAD MORE

5 Lessons I Learned from the Mother of Jesus

Being a mother is undoubtedly one of the things that has been a tremendous source of joy in my life. It is also one of the things that has been a source of anguish and has driven me to tears some  days. There have been times when I have found myself shaken to my core with feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. If you saw me, you probably couldn’t tell because I put that picture perfect smile on (you know the one) and kept my head up high – acting like nothing was wrong. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. And despite all of the gorgeous Pinterest pictures, there isn’t much that can prepare you for the journey. Many of us look to our own mothers for motherhood encouragement during the difficult days. Others may look to women in the church or friends for words of wisdom. These can all be great ways to get some advice on what to do for a colicky little one, sleep training or handling toddler meltdowns. But the truth is, we all will be gripped by these feelings of inadequacy.  Being a mother is JUST PLAIN HARD at times. Mary, the mother ofREAD MORE

Memoirs Of A Boomerang Child

The conversation started with my sister in Christ asking me if I would like to be a guest for her blog party, with a focus on Biblical Motherhood.  My first reaction, to be honest was fear. Me, write on Biblical Motherhood?  She must not know me that well.  I’ve just began (again) on a deep relationship with God. Once A Boomerang Child See, if you were to see my posts either through Instagram or Facebook you would think that my feet were always deeply rooted in faith.  I would love to tell you I grew up singing Jesus Loves Me, and that I’ve read the Bible over and over from the time I was a child, but I cannot. I’m a prodigal daughter. I would love to talk to you about the prodigal son (Luke 15); but that’s not my story. In fact, I want to draw your attention to another story, that was laid on my heart in a recent sermon. I heard it when I went home for a weekend visit, but before I tell it to you, here’s my story. My story, is more like that of a boomerang child that went fleeing back and forth bothREAD MORE

Why You Need to Stop Trying to Be a Perfect Mom

Are you tired of trying to be a perfect mom? Trying to be a perfect mom is exhausting! We keep comparing yourself with every other mom, trying to beat them in every way we can and still feeling like a failure. Worse than that, we are trying to compete with ourselves every day. This is exhausting! If this is you too, I can guarantee you that you are not loving this motherhood thing right now. Your joy is gone and you just feel like a big loser. Your expectations of perfect motherhood are always failing you and you feel hopeless. I totally get it. I felt like a big failure for years as a mom but I finally got over the nonsense idea of even trying to be the everything mom, the perfect mom. Here Is Why You Need to Stop Trying to Be a Perfect Mom: You are not here to be perfect but to be perfected. God created us for motherhood. He has blessed us and made us mothers. He never expected us to be perfect, instead, He is perfecting us daily through our motherhood journey. God desires for us is that we will more and more likeREAD MORE

How to Be a Strong Mom

Melanie Roach is a mother of three who weighs just 117 pounds, yet can press more than 220 pounds over her head. She definitely qualifies as a strong mom. Jill Martin, mother of 10 (including eight special needs children she and her husband adopted), homeschools and works the farm that supports her family. She is a strong mom. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine, followed her son, even across international borders, in an effort to bring him to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Monica was a strong mom. What it Means to Be a Strong Mom Strength can be defined as might, ability, or authority. But we don’t have to choose. We can be strong moms by each of these definitions. Mighty moms One of my friends reached into the back seat of her car to maneuver a car seat and injured her back. Bouts of pain from that injury frequently left her bedridden over the years. It wasn’t until she began strength training that she was able to eliminate her back pain completely. Strength training has these powerful benefits: can give us the ability to carry kids, grandkids, and even groceries without injury prevents the debilitating effects ofREAD MORE

Motherhood Encouragement from Philippians 4:8

Pondering about motherhood has become a familiar pastime for me. There isn’t a day that goes by without me thinking about parenting in all it entails. Some days the thoughts are reflections of the lessons I’ve learned while on other days I question myself about everything from my parenting techniques to why I can’t expand my meal plan with more options. If I am not careful those last thoughts can cause my mind to spiral to a place that’s not healthy. I’m sure I am not the only one who has found herself thinking about one thing and a half hour later wondering how in the world did I get to the place where I am feeling downtrodden. If you’re one who can relate, let me offer you a bit of motherhood encouragement while I also encourage myself. Philippians 4:8 is one of my favorite scriptures. If you have never read the book of Philippians, I highly recommend you do. It’s a book filled with encouragement that you can apply to any circumstance. When my mind begins to spiral I hold on to the words of Philippians 4:8 which reads, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble,READ MORE

Motherhood, For Such A Time As This

Motherhood presents itself at different times and in different ways. I’ve know women who have tried to conceive for decades, women who’ve opened their hearts and arms to adopted or foster children, women who have raised a niece or a nephew as their own. Women who planned on motherhood since they themselves were little girls. For me, motherhood presented itself, when I was seventeen. I wasn’t married, I hadn’t planned on ever getting married, much less having kids. I didn’t like kids. They were always sticky, or crying, or whining. I was going to become a journalist, or an Air Force pilot. I was going to travel the world, and explore places no one had ever been to. This was the dream. As I stared at that pregnancy test, for what seemed hours, the dreams of travels and adventures in far away lands were gone; and to my shock, I wasn’t crushed. I was excited. That was the day I became a mother. A calling to motherhood. Twenty-two years and six kids later, I can proudly say, that I was called to be a mother. But it took me years to realize it. For years I was crippled by my constant searchREAD MORE

3 Ways to Abide in Christ Through the Difficult Times of Motherhood

Hey mama, do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Are you making time to Abide in Christ? 6 AM rolls around and you roll over again and again and push snooze, dreading to start the busy day. The craziness of recent days pops into your thoughts as soon as you open your eyes. Cereal spills, missing shoes, nothing to wear, whining, fussing, arguing, grocery shopping, deadlines, homeschooling drama, cooking, cleaning, laundry and the list goes on and on! There are a whole lot of us moms that are just surviving day-to-day, living joyless, peaceless and lacking contentment or purpose.  I’ve been there and still often find myself back in seasons of this mundane way of living. I’m a homeschool mom and when I first started homeschooling, it took me awhile to realize that I wasn’t taking the time to abide in Christ.  I thought I could do it all on my own, without Him. I soon learned that as I strived to teach my children, my way, the way I was taught, it was difficult. We were stressed instead of walking in peace. Driven by Fear I was driven by fear. My big mistake wasREAD MORE

Why Broken Moms are the Best Moms

In the windowless basement amongst the brown and orange carpet was a wooden play fridge and stove. A pink doll bassinet was sitting nearby along with the essentials to playing house. As I rocked my baby doll, for a mere few seconds, she was fast asleep for hours on end while I tended to other matters. I felt confident as the best mom ever. As I child, I had expectations of how being a mom to real children would look. The kids would listen, play together nicely and always eat what I cooked for dinner. The first night of being a real mom destroyed all my false expectations from childhood. The reality was quite different. Never would I have dreamed about post-partum depression, anxiety or hormonal problems. And as far as the kids, they have been challenging in each season of motherhood. I don’t know about you, but many days I question how I can do this? Honestly, I’m a big mess. I can’t be the Best Mom with my Past I have lots of baggage from my past that affects my patience, the grace I extend and my confidence. There have been a few seasons in my life whereREAD MORE

Do you ever wish motherhood came with a handbook? A step by step guide to raising godly children would be great! I can’t personally say that the Bible answers every question I have in parenting, but it speaks to the heart of them. So as I (Tiffany Montgomery) travel along this parenting journey I try to stay true to Biblical Motherhood. Looking to scripture first rather than the culture. That is what led me to brave Humility. Humility requires I parent with an end goal in mind. When I look at scripture I see that every chapter is leading to Revelation. God orchestrates life with an end goal. I began to work toward that for my parenting several years ago. My goal is to raise competent young ladies who will radically change the world for the Kingdom of God. To accomplish this goal I aim for independence (in action and thinking) and self motivation. However, as I work toward that goal I’ve learned there is no place for my pride. I am naturally a very proud woman. My life has been spent blazing trails, pushing past emotions and stepping out into the unknown. I’ve learned a lot and I don’tREAD MORE

Old-Fashioned Motherhood in a Newfangled World

When I was younger I remember hearing the older generation say things like “Boy things sure have changed since I was younger.” or “What has this world come to?” Nowadays, I might be considered the older generation but that’s OK, I’m convinced that the years I have behind me have given me a valuable perspective.  As an older mom, I think that it’s worth taking some time to evaluate how we’re living as mothers, why we’re doing what we’re doing and how we can pursue a lifestyle where we embrace old-fashioned motherhood in this newfangled world. You’re probably wondering what “fangled” is but quite frankly I have no idea I just thought it made for a great title. Let’s face it, times have changed, they really have but if you’re a young mom you may not have recognized this. Motherhood, for example, is much different than it was even ten years ago and it’s extremely different than it was in biblical times. Change isn’t always bad, however, we’ve had positive changes such as the technological advancements which have made our lives easier, or those that our homeschool pioneers before us paved to make home education an acceptable and preferable school choice. More than everREAD MORE

Courage in Motherhood, Letting Go of Pinterest Perfection

Perceived Pinterest Perfection We live in a world of perceived Pinterest perfection that can often make it hard for mothers to feel as if they are doing enough for their children. What was once a simple birthday party with streamers, balloons, and a birthday cake has been elevated to including clowns, cotton candy machines and circus performers. The problem in all of this is that it is zapping the joy out of motherhood. God did not create motherhood to be perfected via Pinterest. Rather, it is a sanctification process for us and our roles as mothers is to bring glory to God. There is nothing wrong with wanting nice things for our children; it is when that desire creates a spirit of perfectionism or we fail to put God first in our lives that things go awry. In order to cultivate true joy in our journey of motherhood, we have to let go of Pinterest and our perfectionist ideals. Changing the world starts at home, it starts with moms and dads who are willing to be real and teach their children the traits and values so desperately needed in this world. Momma, you cannot give what you don’t have toREAD MORE

Motherhood Isn't Graded, So Stop Looking to Do More

I transitioned to college as a homeschool alumna, and I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of difficulty. So, even though I had aced every assignment so far in my English 101 class, I jumped at the extra credit opportunity. I wanted a high A-average for the class. The professor stared at me when I turned it in. “Lauren,” he said, “Why did you do this? We don’t have an A+ at this college. You can’t go above a 4.0 no matter how hard you work.” I learned that day that sometimes we don’t have to do our best to already be at the best level. It’s a life lesson that I hope will be some motherhood encouragement to those moms pressured to do everything from play dates to baby swimming lessons to self-defense lessons to teaching your 2-month-old how to read. Motherhood Isn’t Graded, So Stop Looking to Do More The Temptation to Do More Competitive motherhood isn’t a 21st Century development. We can even find it lurking within the pages of our Bible in stories like the rivalry between Leah and Rebekah. While the criteria that we judge each other and ourselves by changes between the generations,READ MORE

Mentoring Still Matters: How Moms Help Moms

Think back to when you were a new mom. Do you remember holding a crying baby and wondering what you were doing wrong? Or having doubts that you would ever get him to sleep through the night? Or perhaps wondering at what age it was safe to introduce table foods? Perhaps you, like me, didn’t have the benefit of a mother or aunt or even older sister who lived nearby to pass on some encouragement and parenting wisdom. Perhaps you, like me, were in need of a mentor. Or think back to when you were a new Christian. All the questions you had: about Scripture, and sin, and walking out your faith. Can you think of the person who came alongside you and shared her own wisdom? If you had someone in particular come to mind, you’re very fortunate! Many of us go through life during these times on our own. But friend, let me tell you: we’re all in need of mentors and mentoring! What exactly is Mentoring? Mentoring is one of those activities that was an integral part of life long ago.  It is coming alongside someone, living life intentionally with them, and working together so that both partiesREAD MORE

Motherhood Encouragement for a Peaceful Christmas

Long before the busyness of the holidays arrives, I want to offer motherhood encouragement that you really can have a peaceful Christmas plan that works– even if you are busy mom. Christmas is a wonderful time when the world comes together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. As a mother, I dream of a peaceful Christmas. I know the memories that we create during the Christmas season are a priceless part of our family’s legacy. Spend a little time on Pinterest, and it is easy to find numerous ideas to celebrate Christmas as a family. My list of Christmas things to “try” can quickly get out of hand, though. Please tell me I am not the only one! It is easy to over-schedule the family by planning as much Christmas celebration and fun as we can into December. The last several years we have been planning for a peaceful Christmas, and it has made a world of difference in our family. Before our Peaceful Christmas Planning It started innocently enough. Pinterest inspired us to start doing an advent activity in our homeschooling each day in December. We tried Christmas alphabet activities one year, another year, we planned to learn Christmas songs each day. ButREAD MORE

Motherhood Encouragement: Raising Up Boys

I am a boy mom. I used to wonder why moms differentiated being a “boy” mom from just being a mom. But, having 2 sons (and another on the way, bless my heart) I totally understand why the difference. Yes, I know how girls are. Like my friend and fellow boy mom said, “I am a girl, of course I know what they’re like”. I pity girl moms no doubt. But there’s something about those boys. The smells. Ugh. They’re never still. Like, ever. Their brains aren’t developed the same and they can’t focus like a girl. And they’re obsessed with their body parts in a way that most girls never experience. So while yes, I know girl mommin’ is hard, boy mom is a category all of its own. One day, pondering why God gave me a third boy, I realized something: Living here on earth is hard, getting harder by the day, and I cannot imagine what it will be like when my boys are grown. But I know this: God gave me a purpose. It might not be fame or glory. I might not quantify my accomplishments. But I am certain God called me to raise boys.READ MORE

Momma, It’s Ok To Be Angry - 4 Tips to Dealing With Anger

I slumped to the ground with tears streaming down my face. The heartache and disappointment I was experiencing threatened to overtake me. Shame was lingering nearby anticipating my agreement that I was a terrible mother. “Jesus, I didn’t ask for this. This is not what I wanted. I didn’t sign up for this,” I whispered over and over again. My anger was spent on the wall. I was grateful the wall was a lot harder than me so I could release my months of suppressed anger, rage, and pain. Still, I hadn’t forgotten my son had heard my angry outburst. Nor, did I forget that I had barely managed to hold onto all self-control as I shoved him into the bathroom cubicle at church (before I gave in to my rage). I knew I had to make things right with my boy. Shame continued to hover nearby. As moms, we don’t talk about the negative emotions we experience when we enter motherhood. Heck, we don’t really talk about our desperate need for motherhood encouragement or the fact that when we became moms our world changed so drastically, we haven’t caught up yet. Here’s The Deal With Anger Anger is alwaysREAD MORE