Favorite Classical Charlotte Mason History Resources

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Favorite Classical Charlotte Mason History Resources - Our view of history has changed thanks to wonderful books, some of which we hope help you develop a longing to learn more about the past. 

We’ve developed a great love for history these past four years. History has come alive, and we’ve discovered so much about our ancestors, culture and our country. We spend an average of 3 hours a day on history alone, and it very often feels like just a few minutes. History is no longer a list of dates to be memorized, and dry facts we constantly forget. Our view of history has changed thanks to great curriculum and wonderful books, some of which we hope help you develop a longing to learn more about the past.

Favorite Classical Charlotte Mason History Resources

History Revealed

Diana Waring’s the History Revealed series has been a game changer in our homeschool. I can honestly say that at one point, we’d rather see the dentist, than to think about history. Thanks to History Revealed, we’ve grown to LOVE history. We spend a great deal of our time in it. Please check it out.

Notgrass History

We will be using the Exploring America, and America the Beautiful curriculum this year. This is Christ-centered history, written by passionate authors. Both of this series, include a great list of living books to go along each lesson.

Ambleside Online

Ambleside online is my go to place for all things Charlotte Mason. Their website offers book lists for all subjects and grades. For example, since I have a sixth grader this year, the living books suggested are: The Story of Mankind by Hendrick Van Loon, Augustus Caesar’s World by Genevieve Foster, etc. You can see what I’m talking about here. If in doubt, just head to their website for fantastic suggestions.

Classical Conversations Flashcards

We us these flashcards for daily review of facts, not as memorization tools. They help us remember what we learned, and where we’ve been.

American Girl

The American Girl Meet historical fiction series, introduces readers to different time periods of American History through the eyes of a young girl.

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Who Was

We’ve used a lot of the Who Was series books specially when focusing on US Presidents and scientists.

Dear America

Like the American Girl series, this historical fiction series, follows young girls and their trials as they live during different times of American History. These are also available in video, though Amazon prime.

Additional History Resources

We have not had the chance to review the following resources ourselves, but they are on our watch list.

Little House Series

Heroes of History


WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press

Mystery of History

The Mystery of History Series

What history resources would you add?

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