Favorite Classical Charlotte Mason Language Arts Resources

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Favorite Classical Charlotte Mason Language Arts Resources

Dictionary-dot-com, defines language arts as the skills, including reading, composition, speech, spelling, and dramatics, taught in elementary and secondary schools to give students a thorough proficiency in using the language.

In conventional schools, this results in an abnormal detachment of these arts (composition, speech, spelling, grammar, etc.).

However both the Classical and Charlotte Mason methods rely heavily on the influence of literature, as a basis for mastering these arts. Most experienced writers will suggest reading more, in order to become a better writer. In the words of Jeff Goins:

Nothing inspires a writer like reading someone else’s words.

Great Literature and Living Books

Great literature evokes emotion, it pulls the reader in, making it almost impossible to put the book down. Great literature makes the reader an active participant in the story.

On day two of our series, we briefly discussed living books, as Charlotte Mason saw them, and today I came across a blog post that in my opinion gave the best explanation of what a living book is and how to spot one.

Have you ever seen The Never Ending story? It’s the story of Bastian who goes on the journey of a lifetime as he reads the story of another boy, very different from himself. Bastian eventually becomes the hero of the story he is reading. Bastian lived the book.

Favorite Classical Charlotte Mason Language Arts Resources

If your goal is to educate your child classically and/or the Charlotte Mason way, your number one resource is your local library.

Favorite Classical Charlotte Mason Language Arts Resources

Since great literature is at the core of how we learn, our language arts resource list is not as extensive as you might have expected.

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Grammar Galaxy

Though this is a textbook and not what a typical Charlotte Mason homeschooler would recommend, Grammar Galaxy is written in a conversational tone, by an author who is passionate about the subject, and therefore it is also a living book. Grammar Galaxy covers reading skill development, literary concepts, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, composition and public speaking. This curriculum is for the early elementary years, but I have successfully used it with my upper elementary dyslexic child.

Memoria Press Classical Composition Series

We’ve used this composition series for 3 years. The lessons are concise and thorough. They often include biblical passages, fables, hymns and excerpts of great books as samples of great writing. This series also promotes narration and dictation, the Charlotte Mason way.

Learning Literature Through Language Arts

This is another textbook series, however as the name implies, it is literature based. Each grade level includes a list great books the student reads and learns the art of language and expression.

What language arts resources would you add?

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