Courage in Motherhood, Letting Go of Pinterest Perfection

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Courage in Motherhood, Letting Go of Pinterest Perfection - God didn't create motherhood to be perfected via Pinterest. Rather, it is a sanctification process for us and our roles as mothers is to bring glory to God.

Perceived Pinterest Perfection

We live in a world of perceived Pinterest perfection that can often make it hard for mothers to feel as if they are doing enough for their children. What was once a simple birthday party with streamers, balloons, and a birthday cake has been elevated to including clowns, cotton candy machines and circus performers.

The problem in all of this is that it is zapping the joy out of motherhood. God did not create motherhood to be perfected via Pinterest. Rather, it is a sanctification process for us and our roles as mothers is to bring glory to God. There is nothing wrong with wanting nice things for our children; it is when that desire creates a spirit of perfectionism or we fail to put God first in our lives that things go awry.

In order to cultivate true joy in our journey of motherhood, we have to let go of Pinterest and our perfectionist ideals. Changing the world starts at home, it starts with moms and dads who are willing to be real and teach their children the traits and values so desperately needed in this world. We have to push Pinterest aside and cultivate what matters. #BiblicalMotherhood Click To Tweet

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Momma, you cannot give what you don’t have to your children.

In order for them to have joy, you have to have joy; in order for them to place value in the simple, you have to enjoy the simple. Many studies have been done showing that children take after their parents. Whether for good or bad, we pass the baton on to the next generation and they run with it. We are raising world changers.

If parents took their role more seriously, I guarantee this world would change in a generation. We would all like to see more kindness, respect, honor, joy and simplicity in this world. Embrace these qualities yourself, and then teach your children how to do the same that alone has the potential to change the world.

Courage in Motherhood, Letting Go of Pinterest Perfection

This idea of world change must start at home.

It starts with the everyday mundane moment, those moments that when put together, create our lives. It starts with us mothers believing in ourselves and having the courage and desire to step off the conveyor belt and go against the grain of society. Change will not come about because we have a Pinterest-decorated home. Birthday parties for our children that cost as much as the mortgage, leave us frazzled and our kids wanting more will not bring the change we want to see.

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In order to create and sustain this change, we must have courage to stick to our convictions when people talk out against us. We must be strong enough to not cave in when our children are upset that their family life is different from that of their friends.

It’s having courage to stand up to the Martha in your soul when that inner voice is telling you all you need to do differently.

Sweet momma, this seems overwhelming. It sometimes makes me want to crawl back in bed and pull the cover up over my head. But if we are to live for Christ and be a light in this world, that is not an option. Before I had my son in 2015 someone literally asked me why I was bringing a child into a world that was so messed up. You see, something has to change and if we are not willing to be that change, I believe we are losing our Christian influence.

Hiding behind our wanted perfection is not the answer. Being brave and bold and declaring our stance for Christ in this world is where the answer lies. Click To Tweet

This world would like to teach our children things that are a far cry from Biblical and call it normal and okay. Rising against this and teaching what God says is a part of the answer to the change we want to see. Raising world-changers who are strong enough to stand up in the face of opposition and fight for Christ is the goal.

Get back out on the battlefield momma, you’ve got this, because God has got you!!

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