How I Teach Apologetics in Our Homeschool

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How I Teach Apologetics in Our Homeschool

It’s no secret apologetics are a crucial part of our homeschool. I’ve shared on previous occasions the reasons why having a biblical foundation is critical to prevent losing our kids to the world.

Teaching Apologetics Is A Priority in Our Homeschool

I picked up Already Gone by Ken Ham & Britt Beemer after a conference a few years ago. In this book, Ken and Britt uncover the reasons why young people are loosing their faith, even while attending Sunday school. I’ve read it a few times over the years and the statistics are eye-opening. In the last three years, I’ve seen a rapid increase in the number of kids we once knew as good church kids, walk away from the church and from Christ. This realization, prompted me to be more intentional about preparing my girls to defend their faith in the event it would ever be questioned. I formally introduced apologetics in our homeschool this spring.

How I Teach Apologetics and How You Can Too

We spend a dedicated 30 to 45 minutes twice a week discussing topics like the reliability of the Bible, a literal 6 day creation, the existence of God, absolute truth, etc. We start our time with prayer, followed by a quick introduction the video clip we will be discussing. Our curricula consists of YouTube videos of debates, free educational videos from Biola University, and of course our Bibles. Here are six steps to help you incorporate apologetics at home, using free online video:

  1. Pray for the Lord to provide wisdom, understanding and to lead the discussion with your children.
  2. Decide which section and how much, of the video selection you will discuss. I try to limit it to no longer than 15 minutes, in order to allow for a longer discussion time.
  3. Prepare follow questions based on the video selection. For example, if you’re discussing the reliability of the Bible, you can ask your child “How would you respond to someone who says the Bible has no authority over their life?”.
  4. Prepare a Bible passage that addresses the topic you will discuss. For example 2 Timothy 3:16 and 2 Peter 1:20 & 21, apply if you’re discussing the reliability of the Bible. Read the passage together before you begin. Remember to keep Christ at the center of it all.
  5. Watch the video selection with your kids and stop to explain terms or doctrines if necessary.
  6. Discuss the section, answer any questions they might have and ask the questions you prepared.
  7. If your child asks a question you don’t know the answer to, it’s ok to admit you don’t know it. Write it down, talk to your Pastor and share their answer with your child.
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As a side note, I pre-watch everything I plan on using as educational material. A few years ago I made the mistake of simply playing a video of a science experiment from a trusted website, and was appalled when the video sponsor was featured in the video dropping f-bombs left and right.

How I Teach Apologetics in Our Homeschool

Resources We Are Currently Using

I’m now homeschooling my 4 youngest girls, in 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th grades, so some of the resources that I am using may not work as well with younger children. Most of the resources we use are available for free. Here are some of the websites we use on an almost daily basis:

Open Biola – Offers free educational content from Biola University. Their Christian Apologetics section offers more than 88 hours of content, including lectures and debates.

Answers in Genesis on YouTube – Features answers of kids, debates, debates, and answers news. – Questions about apologetics and worldview.

Cross Examined – If you run into a question you don’t have the answer to, it’s very likely you’ll find and answer on one of their Live Q & A videos.

Is Genesis History? – I got the opportunity to review this film and it’s quickly become a favorite resource.

Mama Bear Apologetics – You gotta love their “Mess with our kids and we will demolish your arguments” tag line. This is a new resource for me, and I absolutely love the approach. We should all be mama bears.

A few months ago, I shared more kid friendly resources on another post, you can find that post here.

Finally are some of the paid resources we’ve used and loved in the past:

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There are wonderful apologetics resources out there, and companies like Focus on the Family, Answers in Genesis and Apologia offer complete curriculum kits, with DVD’s workbooks, etc. We’ve used a couple of them ourselves, but if cost is a deal breaker, fret not, there’s plenty of free and very affordable material you can use.

In what ways can you incorporate Apologetics and a Christian worldview in your homeschool?




  1. So exactly right on Tatiana! What an incredibly important post, I can’t wait to share 🙂 We love lots of the resources you use and plan to incorporate even more as the kids get older. Love it!

    1. Author

      Thank you for reading and sharing it Lee ? so important we take action now.

  2. We are in Pre-school, Kindergarten and 3rd grade… But I love what you are doing. So many kids are turning away from the faith because it wasn’t thoroughly and intentionally taught at home. I will be tucking these resources back. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Author

      I’m currently reviewing resources that you can use with younger children, it’s never too early to start ?? I’ll have the review up in a couple of weeks!

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