Motherhood Encouragement for a Peaceful Christmas

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Motherhood Encouragement for a Peaceful Christmas - As a mother, I dream of a peaceful Christmas. I know the memories that we create during the Christmas season are a priceless part of our family’s legacy.

Long before the busyness of the holidays arrives, I want to offer motherhood encouragement that you really can have a peaceful Christmas plan that works– even if you are busy mom.

Christmas is a wonderful time when the world comes together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. As a mother, I dream of a peaceful Christmas. I know the memories that we create during the Christmas season are a priceless part of our family’s legacy.

Spend a little time on Pinterest, and it is easy to find numerous ideas to celebrate Christmas as a family. My list of Christmas things to “try” can quickly get out of hand, though. Please tell me I am not the only one! It is easy to over-schedule the family by planning as much Christmas celebration and fun as we can into December.

The last several years we have been planning for a peaceful Christmas, and it has made a world of difference in our family.

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Before our Peaceful Christmas Planning

It started innocently enough.

Pinterest inspired us to start doing an advent activity in our homeschooling each day in December. We tried Christmas alphabet activities one year, another year, we planned to learn Christmas songs each day. But when Christmas was over, everyone at our house was a little down, so we had the idea of also celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas.

As Christians, it seemed natural to keep our decorations up through Epiphany on January 6, the day we celebrate the Wise Men finding and worshipping Baby Jesus.

We planned Advent activities AND Twelve Day of Christmas activities. We crammed as much Christmas fun as we could during the Christmas season. Yet, I was exhausted, and my kids were still disappointed when the Christmas decorations came down on January 7th.

What we really wanted…

We talked about it as a family, and it was suddenly obvious why everyone was disappointed.

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It would be about 11 months before they heard the Christmas songs they liked, did a Christmas craft, or carried out secret Santa surprises for strangers.

Now, we understood. We all want that Christmas kindness to last as long as it can, and we were determined to make that happen as a family.

The solution was simple, yet it has made a powerful difference for our family.

On the 25th day of every month, we do something “Christmas-y!”

We play Christmas songs. The kids choose a Christmas book for bedtime stories. We plan a Christmas activity – especially those that take up too much time during the Christmas season.

We’ve made cinnamon applesauce ornaments with the grandparents in July. Gingerbread houses were a hit in March.  We ordered new Christmas books in September. Every year is a different combination. Now that the kids are older, they’ve taken over choosing the Pinterest-inspired projects we do (within reason, of course!).

Our goal is to keep Christmas peaceful during December by focusing on our top priorities, and we have plenty of time for the other (yet important) fun, and Christmas things we love to do for the rest of the year.

Christmas All Year Long Planning Sheet

Christmas All Year Long

I have a free Christmas All Year Long planning sheet that I would love to send you. You can request one here.

The Christmas season can be a wonderful and BUSY time for families, but we don’t have to run ourselves into exhaustion every Christmas. We can space out our Christmas celebrations and connections with the true meaning of Christmas each month of the year!

As Christians, we are called to be Christ-like all year long. While it seems easier during the holidays, we could all use Christmas reminders more often. Knowing that we are nurturing Christmas kindness all year is motherhood encouragement to keep Christmas in our heart each day. As mothers, that is one of the best gifts we can give our family.

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Want more ideas?

If you would like more Peaceful Christmas Planning ideas, I invite you to visit my post on Peaceful Christmas Planning.

May your motherhood be filled with encouragement in the 31 Days of Motherhood Encouragement series all year long.

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