Count Your Blessings Gift Basket Giveaway

My husband and kids often ask what I’d like for Mother’s Day, and my response tends to be “a clean house and no sibling arguments”. If you’re a mother, and you’ve got more than 1 child at home, you know that the likelihood of a whole day free of sibling squabbles is as rare as a unicorn or a mermaid sighting. While you wait for that miraculous day to come, why not count your blessings while you drink a cup of coffee? It’s so easy to get beat-up and dragged down by the millions of responsibilities we have every day. Sometimes the difficulties shroud our view and we forget the numerous blessings we receive every day. I’d like to bless one of you tired mommas with a few things to help you remember and count your blessings on those days when you want to hide in the closet. Here’s what’s included: Gratitude Journal Journaling Pen Choose Joy Coffee Mug Scented Candle 101 Let Your Light Shine Cards $15 Starbucks Gift Card To enter, follow the instructions below. Entry-Form There’s More… 14 other iHomeschool Network bloggers have Mother’s Day gift baskets! Check out the graphic below to get back to theREAD MORE