Biblical Encouragement For The Special Needs Mom

Please know I am only sharing based on my personal experiences. I understand the care of a special needs child varies greatly. Today I hope to share some encouragement from God’s word to your heart as you make the best decisions you can for your individual parenting situation. shared with the permission of my sweet daughter… I sat on the floor next to her begging God to calm her spirit. We were almost 2 hours into our daily bedtime battle. Tears streamed down my face as she continued. I had been roped into her nighttime rituals and I didn’t even know it yet. The compulsive checking, counting, evenness testing and repeated words started once again. Our other 4 children huddled in the other room trying to get to sleep despite the chaos. I had lost all hope. There was no hope in the night ending by explaining away the OCD. My heart ached to reassure her and convince her that she didn’t “need” to do these things. That everything is really ok. And then have her drift off to sleep. But there is no rationalizing with OCD. She would continue until she wore herself out and finally crashed. To watchREAD MORE

Motherhood, For Such A Time As This

Motherhood presents itself at different times and in different ways. I’ve know women who have tried to conceive for decades, women who’ve opened their hearts and arms to adopted or foster children, women who have raised a niece or a nephew as their own. Women who planned on motherhood since they themselves were little girls. For me, motherhood presented itself, when I was seventeen. I wasn’t married, I hadn’t planned on ever getting married, much less having kids. I didn’t like kids. They were always sticky, or crying, or whining. I was going to become a journalist, or an Air Force pilot. I was going to travel the world, and explore places no one had ever been to. This was the dream. As I stared at that pregnancy test, for what seemed hours, the dreams of travels and adventures in far away lands were gone; and to my shock, I wasn’t crushed. I was excited. That was the day I became a mother. A calling to motherhood. Twenty-two years and six kids later, I can proudly say, that I was called to be a mother. But it took me years to realize it. For years I was crippled by my constant searchREAD MORE

3 Ways to Abide in Christ Through the Difficult Times of Motherhood

Hey mama, do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning? Are you making time to Abide in Christ? 6 AM rolls around and you roll over again and again and push snooze, dreading to start the busy day. The craziness of recent days pops into your thoughts as soon as you open your eyes. Cereal spills, missing shoes, nothing to wear, whining, fussing, arguing, grocery shopping, deadlines, homeschooling drama, cooking, cleaning, laundry and the list goes on and on! There are a whole lot of us moms that are just surviving day-to-day, living joyless, peaceless and lacking contentment or purpose.  I’ve been there and still often find myself back in seasons of this mundane way of living. I’m a homeschool mom and when I first started homeschooling, it took me awhile to realize that I wasn’t taking the time to abide in Christ.  I thought I could do it all on my own, without Him. I soon learned that as I strived to teach my children, my way, the way I was taught, it was difficult. We were stressed instead of walking in peace. Driven by Fear I was driven by fear. My big mistake wasREAD MORE

Why Broken Moms are the Best Moms

In the windowless basement amongst the brown and orange carpet was a wooden play fridge and stove. A pink doll bassinet was sitting nearby along with the essentials to playing house. As I rocked my baby doll, for a mere few seconds, she was fast asleep for hours on end while I tended to other matters. I felt confident as the best mom ever. As I child, I had expectations of how being a mom to real children would look. The kids would listen, play together nicely and always eat what I cooked for dinner. The first night of being a real mom destroyed all my false expectations from childhood. The reality was quite different. Never would I have dreamed about post-partum depression, anxiety or hormonal problems. And as far as the kids, they have been challenging in each season of motherhood. I don’t know about you, but many days I question how I can do this? Honestly, I’m a big mess. I can’t be the Best Mom with my Past I have lots of baggage from my past that affects my patience, the grace I extend and my confidence. There have been a few seasons in my life whereREAD MORE

Do you ever wish motherhood came with a handbook? A step by step guide to raising godly children would be great! I can’t personally say that the Bible answers every question I have in parenting, but it speaks to the heart of them. So as I (Tiffany Montgomery) travel along this parenting journey I try to stay true to Biblical Motherhood. Looking to scripture first rather than the culture. That is what led me to brave Humility. Humility requires I parent with an end goal in mind. When I look at scripture I see that every chapter is leading to Revelation. God orchestrates life with an end goal. I began to work toward that for my parenting several years ago. My goal is to raise competent young ladies who will radically change the world for the Kingdom of God. To accomplish this goal I aim for independence (in action and thinking) and self motivation. However, as I work toward that goal I’ve learned there is no place for my pride. I am naturally a very proud woman. My life has been spent blazing trails, pushing past emotions and stepping out into the unknown. I’ve learned a lot and I don’tREAD MORE

Motherhood Encouragement: Raising Up Boys

I am a boy mom. I used to wonder why moms differentiated being a “boy” mom from just being a mom. But, having 2 sons (and another on the way, bless my heart) I totally understand why the difference. Yes, I know how girls are. Like my friend and fellow boy mom said, “I am a girl, of course I know what they’re like”. I pity girl moms no doubt. But there’s something about those boys. The smells. Ugh. They’re never still. Like, ever. Their brains aren’t developed the same and they can’t focus like a girl. And they’re obsessed with their body parts in a way that most girls never experience. So while yes, I know girl mommin’ is hard, boy mom is a category all of its own. One day, pondering why God gave me a third boy, I realized something: Living here on earth is hard, getting harder by the day, and I cannot imagine what it will be like when my boys are grown. But I know this: God gave me a purpose. It might not be fame or glory. I might not quantify my accomplishments. But I am certain God called me to raise boys.READ MORE

31 Days of Motherhood Encouragement

Friends here is this month’s line-up. I’ve had the pleasure of reading a few of the posts in advance, and I was incredibly blessed! I know you’ll be blessed too. I’ve been looking forward to see what the Lord will do through this group of women for months! Friend, will you join us this October as we encourage one another to live out the Biblical Motherhood, God has called us to? Also if there is a topic you’d like to see discussed, be sure to leave a comment below, or in the private Facebook group. If you don’t have access to the Facebook group yet, you can request it here. Sign up for daily updates here. You’ll find a complete list of the participating contributors here. You’ll want to bookmark this page, links to all posts on this series, as well as giveaway details will live here. Day 1 – A Welcome and A Prayer by Tatiana Day 2 – Momma It’s Ok To Be Angry – 4 Tips To Dealing With Anger by Ailie Day 3 – Motherhood Encouragement: Raising Up Boys by Jillian Day 4 – Motherhood Encouragement for a Peaceful Christmas by Amy Day 5 – MentoringREAD MORE

I'm Not Antisocial, I'm An Introvert - I Am THAT Mom

For years I’ve been accused of being antisocial, and often times rude. I admit there’s been times when I’ve been short with people, but not rude, at least never intentionally. These last few weeks, I’ve come across several articles from Introvert, Dear. I’ve shared them on Facebook, sent links to friends and even quoted them to my kids.Being an introverted mom is lonely. Especially when you are constantly surrounded by normal moms, as woman once pointed out. Our girls were in the same gymnastics class, and she occasionally made small talk as I read a book. I politely laughed at her jokes and nodded at her comments on the weather, but there was no real connection even when I tried to pay close attention to the conversation. After a few weeks, she got off her chair, and loudly announced she was going to sit on the other side of the room; with the normal moms. What makes you a normal mom? I didn’t meet the expectation of motherhood she had in mind. I was a very young mother at the time, and I did not have as many mom-years under my belt as she did. Sadly, I began to wonder if thereREAD MORE

Count Your Blessings Gift Basket Giveaway

My husband and kids often ask what I’d like for Mother’s Day, and my response tends to be “a clean house and no sibling arguments”. If you’re a mother, and you’ve got more than 1 child at home, you know that the likelihood of a whole day free of sibling squabbles is as rare as a unicorn or a mermaid sighting. While you wait for that miraculous day to come, why not count your blessings while you drink a cup of coffee? It’s so easy to get beat-up and dragged down by the millions of responsibilities we have every day. Sometimes the difficulties shroud our view and we forget the numerous blessings we receive every day. I’d like to bless one of you tired mommas with a few things to help you remember and count your blessings on those days when you want to hide in the closet. Here’s what’s included: Gratitude Journal Journaling Pen Choose Joy Coffee Mug Scented Candle 101 Let Your Light Shine Cards $15 Starbucks Gift Card To enter, follow the instructions below. Entry-Form There’s More… 14 other iHomeschool Network bloggers have Mother’s Day gift baskets! Check out the graphic below to get back to theREAD MORE

What I'm Reading

With a new month, comes a new reading list. I’m still finishing up Swipe Right, from last month’s selections, but looking forward to what’s next. Here’s What I’m Reading in April Old-Earth Creationism on Trial by Tim Chaffey & Jason Lisle – The girls and I have focused a lot of our morning apologetics discussions on the age of the earth. We recently watched a broadcast of a talk Ken Ham gave about dinosaurs at a church in Georgia. On a survey of twenty-somethings many confessed that though many still believed  that the Bible is God’s Word, the idea that the earth is millions of years old, caused them to doubt the Bible. This inspired us to do a bit of our own research on the ‘millions of years’ theory. Anne of Green Gables by L M Montgomery – I read Anne of Green Gables in the 8th grade. I remember enjoying it but all the details of the story are pretty much forgotten. I heard Netflix is premiering an original series next month, so I want to refresh my memory before it airs. If My Husband Would Change, I’d Be Happy (& Other Myths Wives Believe) by Rhonda Stoppe – I picked upREAD MORE


We’ve all had those days. You know, the days when you know exactly which assignments you want the kids to complete before taking a week off, or before a holiday, yet nothing gets done. My 3rd oldest is turning 16, or actually she turned 16 last month but we are having a rather large party to celebrate this milestone in the middle of May, and unlike my oldest girl, this one is a little behind on the party planning. A couple of weeks ago we were scheduled to take a quick 5 minute walk-through the banquet hall where said shindig will take place. It’s not far from the house, so we decided take maybe an hour off our Wednesday morning for the tour. Very quickly this one hour on a Wednesday morning escalated into a Wednesday to Friday affair. We toured the facility, the decoration inspiration bug bit us and we ended up driving to multiple party supply stores. The following day we went dress shopping, and spent hours on Pinterest looking up cakes. Have you ever planned a sweet sixteen? It’s just a little less intense than planning a wedding. This is my 2nd one of 5. Yikes. WhileREAD MORE

The High Calling of Motherhood

I had the opportunity to read an advance copy of The High Calling of Motherhood, by Chimene Shipley Dupler, and I gotta say I was very blessed by it. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post. Chimene is the founder of the Passion4Moms ministry; which holds a yearly conference to encourage moms of all ages and stages of parenting. She is also a speaker on marriage and parenting topics and former social worker. Mothering is hard because it comes from the heart. I have a friend who absolutely loves children, and in turn, children flock to her. For years, she’s expressed her innermost wish is to become a mother, and though she is married to a great man who also longs for a family, they’ve both put it off in fear of what the future might bring. They’re not ready, they say. At the immature ages of 18 and 19, my husband and I were not ready for parenthood, and we were still not ready when our second child was born a year later. I don’t know if anyone is actually ever ready for parenthood. My oldest is now 21 and still feel like a rookie.READ MORE

Homeschool Mother's Journal

Seriously, every time I look at the calendar another month has come and gone. I didn’t even realize March was here until the 3rd. With a new month comes a new edition of this journal I’m attempting to keep. In my life this month… I never expected to be one of those crazy party planning moms, but it turns out I am. We are in full sweet-sixteen planning mode. When our oldest girl turned 16 four years ago we seem to have set an expectation at the type of party for the rest of the girls. This month we will be preparing all the decorations, and most importantly searching for a dress, now that the venue is secure. Also, basketball season is coming to an end. As always we’ve enjoyed watching all our girls play and seeing their skills and sportsmanship grow has been a blessing. We will miss traveling for away games and fellowship with other homeschool families, but I’m excited about being back at home on Fridays and Saturdays. In our homeschool this month… We completed our second level of our History Revealed curriculum as scheduled and we will be diving deep into American history and literature. I’m aREAD MORE

What I'm Reading

Last month’s reading selection is taking a little longer to complete than I expected; nevertheless, March is here, and with it is a new set of books I’ll be diving into in the next few days. Here’s What I’m Reading in March The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by AVI – The girls and I picked this one out as our read aloud for March, and I gotta say we are really liking it. It’s the story of a 13-year-old girl’s journey from Liverpool to Rhode Island as the only female passenger on a merchant ship. We’re only a few chapters in, but we’re hooked! Swipe Right by Levi Lusko – Pastor Levi is well-known for his raw honesty, transparency and no-nonsense approach to pretty much any subject. Swipe Right addresses love, sex, and romance from a biblical perspective. 10 Reasons to Trust the Bible by Don Stewart – I’m a big fan of Don Stewart and his ability to explain the most complex subject in the simplest way. I’m looking forward to finishing this one later this week. Already Gone by Ken Ham & Britt Beemer – I’ve read this one 4 times in the last 5 years, and every time I read it,READ MORE