I’m an organization junkie, I’m constantly moving things around and looking for more efficient systems in everything I do. This sickness (as I call it), tends to get worse at summer time. The kids are restless, everyone sleeps until lunch time, it’s a million degrees outside, and my brain just seems to work overtime thinking about what to clean, organize, categorize and label. Where do I begin? This summer I decided to make small changes instead of complete household overhauls like I’m known for in the past. I’m taking things slow at preparing my home for the busy fall schedule. I created at simple challenge to get my home just a little more organized this month. You can join me and post your progress on Instagram with the hashtag #organized31indays. You can download a printable copy of the challenge here. I asked some friends to share their best organization tips with me, and here they are for your perusal, in case you need just a bit more inspiration. Save Time and Promote Responsibility with the Homey App  CHORE Bingo Free Printable by Lara at Everyday Graces Simple Tips to Manage Household Chores by Renée at Great Peace Academy How to Use technologyREAD MORE