5 Anti Homeschooling Bills You Need To Be Aware Of

Anti-Homeschooling Bills You Need To Be Aware Of

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Anti Homeschooling Bills You Need To Be Aware Of

Homeschool laws are changing in every state, and many of those changes are going un-noticed by a large majority of the homeschool community.

Are you informed? and most importantly, are you involved? 

This week, we’re taking a closer look at four anti-homeschooling bills you need to be aware of, and the steps we as a homeschool community ought to take in order to preserve our homeschool freedom.

There are far too many misconceptions and stereotypes about homeschoolers, and though some of us fit the stereo types, there is much that the “public” does not understand about why and how we do what we do.

Homeschooling, is not for the faint of heart. It is not for the lazy. It is not for the parent that is looking for an easy fix.

Homeschooling requires discipline, determination, ninja-like-multi-tasking skills, and most of all passion. Click To Tweet

The kind of passion that often drives you to cut the hours you sleep, the kind of passion that will keep you going even when you’re exhausted, just so you have time to fit it all in. The passion that turns to incredible joy when your child learns to read, or finally masters the times tables.

Homeschooling, is a lifestyle, not something you do on weekdays between 8am and 3pm. The homeschool parent is always on duty, teaching, encouraging, discipling, shaping their child into a responsible and caring human being.

This is the goal of the homeschool parent.

Then, we hear about cases like the Turpin’s in Perris California, and while the rest of the world shakes their head, and points their fingers at every homeschool family, we know this is not us

I urge you to get involved regardless of the state you’re in. Any of these changes and rulings could affect your state next. 

The bills we'll be looking at are:


How are you helping the cause?