5 Ingredients of Biblical Parenting

5 Ingredients of Biblical Parenting

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5 Ingredients of Biblical Parenting - Am I the only mom who has wondered over the years of parenting if I was doing things right? I believe there are 5 key ingredients. 

Am I the only mom who has wondered over the years of parenting if I was doing things right? Biblical parenting was the goal that my husband and I had in mind, but we weren’t sure what that looked like.

Over the 36 years of parenting our 8 kids, we sought wisdom from God’s Word, as well as from Godly parents who had raised their kids to know and love God. 

Though Biblical parenting involves many things, I believe there are 5 key ingredients. 

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1.  Begin training and teaching them EARLY.

A child’s character is formed primarily in his early years, so it’s very important that we begin early to teach and train our kids in God’s Word.

And that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
2 Timothy 3:15

The harder you work at teaching and training your kids when they are young, the easier the rest of your parenting years will be.

As young children their minds are like a dry sponge, and they soak up the truths from Scripture that we teach them. It’s a great time to help them memorize God’s Word, and hide it in their hearts.

2.  Give more love than discipline.

Perhaps you have a challenging or difficult child and on some days it seems like all you do is discipline and correct.  It can be frustrating, as well as exhausting.  Often in that exhausted state, we get irritated, and fail to discipline in love.

I  found that the more my child needed to be corrected and disciplined, the more love I needed to intentionally show him.  This doesn’t mean that I skipped the training or discipline.  It means that I purposefully chose to show that child that I loved him by spending extra time with him, playing with him, reading to him, etc. Filling his love tank often helped with the behavior.

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Keep in mind that your goal of discipline is not to change behavior, but to change the heart.  When you keep that focus, it will help you discipline in love.

5 Ingredients of Biblical Parenting

3.  Train them in obedience.

God gave us the position of authority over our kids, and it is our responsibility to faithfully exercise that authority.  Obedience brings them the blessings that we want to see them receive.

When we fail to train our children in obedience, we aren’t being good stewards of the responsibility that God has entrusted us with.

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By teaching our children to be obedient to us, we are teaching them to be obedient to God.  He is the one who gives the command in His Word that children obey their parents.  We need to teach our kids first time obedience, so they will listen and obey God the first time He speaks to their hearts.

4.  Focus on their character.

Today we see a character crisis in our society. As Christian parents, we need to catch a vision for raising a generation of young people with good, strong Christian character, and get excited about it.

Not only is it our job as parents, but we are the best ones to teach them character because we love them more than any one else will, and we know them better.

As Christian parents we can make a difference in society, by raising our kids to love God, and grow to be like Him. This won’t just happen though, unless we  put it high on our priority list, and have a plan /for how we will help them develop and grow in their character.

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5.  Seek to win their hearts.

There is a battle raging for the hearts of our children, because the person who has their hearts is the person who will influence them.  We need to be intentional about winning and keeping our children’s hearts so we can pour into them the truths that we want them to learn from God’s Word, and so we can influence and shape their values.

Biblical parenting is an awesome responsibility and privilege that we have as parents.  Aren’t you glad that we don’t have to do it on our own?  God invites us to come to Him for wisdom, so be sure you are asking Him for wisdom daily as you raise your family for Him.

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