Flexible Learning Opportunities for Your High Schooler

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Flexible Learning Opportunities for Your High Schooler - There is no set way to learn, or must have curriculum, however here are 7 reasons to add 7 Sisters Homeschool to your curriculum arsenal.

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Two years ago, I had the opportunity to meet the faces behind 7 Sisters Homeschool, and I gotta say these ladies are the real deal. I’m a bit disappointed in myself, for taking so long to truly dive into what they do.

Growing up is hard to do.

This month, my high schoolers, had the opportunity to explore several career options, thanks to amazing curriculum designed by the ladies at 7 Sisters Homeschool.

We started off with the career exploration bundle, which guides teens through a series of questions, and encourages them to take note of their gifts, and hidden talents. The bundle, includes sample resumes, cover letters, lists interview skills, and encourages them to create their personal mission statement.

Trying to decide the one thing you’ll be doing for the rest of your life, can be overwhelming, yet the 7 Sisters, managed to make the process of exploring the possibilities a lot of fun.

After spending some time looking into different careers, we took a closer look at opportunities in film, theater, and writing by using curriculum also designed by 7 Sisters.

Film & Theater, the art of make believe.

These two are BIG in our home.

Theater was one of the deciding factors to homeschool, it’s one of the two things every one of my six kids had taken part of, and a constant in our home year round. 7 Sisters Homeschool, has drama resources, which include Intro to Directing, as well as a guide to teaching acting and directing.

If film is more your style, 7 Sisters has a course for you too. It includes vocabulary, background information, discussion questions and a writing assignment for 15 movies.

I’m looking forward to introducing my teens to both of these courses this fall.

I love to write, but that doesn’t mean my kids do too.

Writing, has been a bit of a struggle these last couple of years, and I admit it’s been partly my fault. I love to write, but that doesn’t mean my kids do too.

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7 Sisters Homeschool, has easy to follow essay writing guides. They’re short, sweet and to the point. The guides can be used over a period of 10 weeks, from beginning to end, with the flexibility to use them in any order. We’re focusing on ACT/SAT essays first, since those are right around the corner for us.

Another cool thing about 7 Sisters writing courses, is that they’re not just for the kids. If you’re thinking about blogging, writing a book, or simply broadening your writing skills, they offer a course on professional writing as well.

7 Reasons To Add 7 Sisters Homeschool to Your Curriculum Arsenal

The one thing that we all agree makes homeschooling awesome, is the flexibility and freedom to pursue interests and explore as far as our imagination will take us. There is no set way to learn, or must have curriculum, however here are 7 reasons to add 7 Sisters Homeschool to your curriculum arsenal.

  1. 7 Sisters Homeschool has something for every grade level.
  2. All of their curriculum is super affordable.
  3. Print if you must, but curriculum is in digital format.
  4. The material is long enough to teach your child, yet short enough to keep them engaged.
  5. It’s written and presented from a Biblical worldview.
  6. No additional prep work is needed.
  7. The material is not dry, these ladies have a sense of humor and will keep you laughing.

Bonus: They have a ton of freebies available, check them out and get to know the 7 Sisters here

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