7 Budget-Friendly Tools for an Organized Closet

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7 Budget-Friendly Tools for an Organized Closet

Earlier this month, we set out on a quest to get our homes completely organized by the end of the year, and this month’s project has been closets. We are currently renting a fairly large home, and we have plenty of storage space, which in the words of Adrian Monk, is both a blessing and a curse.

I’ve always been a purger, but seriously having all this extra storage space allows us to keep more stuff. The home we are renting is on the market, which means we have to move, very soon, and because of plans of making a larger move in a couple of years, we’ve made the decision to downsize to save some money.

In my quest to prepare my family for this change and help you get organized, I’ve compiled a list of 7 of my favorite budget-friendly closet organization tools.

1. Stackable Bins

I walked around the house earlier today and counted 28 of these large bins and 32 of the smaller boxes in use, plus 2 stacks of still empty bins in the hallway closet. When I first purchased these I intended to use them to hold flashcards and art supplies in our homeschool room, but I’ve purchased at least 30 more since.

Why so many?

They’re inexpensive, stackable, sturdy and clear. I use them in the pantry, linen closets, sewing closet, bedrooms, bathrooms, and of course the schoolroom.

7 Budget-Friendly Tools for an Organized Closet

2. Foldable Storage Boxes

I use quite a few of these in my linen closets, as well as the girls closets. Pull them out after the laundry is done, sort and toss in the respective bin. Since what goes in these is typically undergarments, socks, wash cloths and cleaning rags, there’s no need to fold. Save time. Stay organized. Keep things looking neat. It’s a 3 way win.

We also use them for storing scarves, hats and belts. Set them up on the top shelf and you’re done. I also love having the ability to fold these for easy storage if I need to.

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I also love these foldable organizers. I’m giving away a set of these at the end of the month, you can enter here.

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3. Hanging Shoe Organizers

We’re actually not using any of these in this particular home, thanks to all the extra space we do have. However these are great not just for shoes but for t-shirts, shorts, pajamas, etc. They don’t take up a lot of space on the rod, they are off the floor and they hold a great deal of clothing.

4. Outgrown Bin

This is one of my favorite hacks! I keep a small laundry bin in my girls closet, and I’ve asked them to drop anything they’ve outgrown, no longer like wearing or needs to be replaced. I then pull the bin out once a month and sort through. I can decide if it’s good enough to donate, or turn into cleaning rags (grandma’s favorite way to save money).

If your kids are old enough, this is great way for them to help you maintain their closets, and save you some time.

5. Pants Hangers

Again, this is a tool we’ve used in the past, but don’t have a need for in our current home. These hangers allow you to neatly hang up to 6 pairs of pants on one hanger, saving coveted rod space, by hanging everything vertically.

6. Pants Hooks

This is my favorite space, time and money-saving hack. You’ve seen these hooks at department stores, just hang jeans by the belt loops and hang the hook on the rod. Pants are easy to put away (even for the kids), they stay wrinkle free, the hooks take very little space, and you can buy them in bulk. We’re talking 40 hooks for $11.

7. Magazine Holders

Not just for magazines anymore. I’ve purchased dozens of these through the years, and use them in different areas of the house. We use them to store board games, homeschool curriculum, paper, handbags, crafting supplies, pantry organization, receipts, and so much more. Since they don’t take up a lot of space, and there are all kinds of different designs and material, they fit right in with all sorts of decor, while keeping things neat and accessible.

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Why you should invest in these tools…

The key to staying organized, is having a designated place for everything. When everyone knows where things belong, no time is wasted wondering where or how to put something away. Putting things back, eventually becomes a habit and before you know it you’ll have more time to spend doing things you actually enjoy. Which in my case is re-organizing!

7 Budget-Friendly Tools for an Organized Closet

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