A Day In The Life

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A Day In The Life - The Musings of Mum

Since I am a working homeschooling mom, my days are busy, and my schedule is demanding not just on me, but on the rest of the family too. With that being said, our days are more structured than most homeschool families.  On Mondays my older girls attend a theater class in the afternoon, the younger girls have choir in the evening. This year, we joined a nature exploration group that meets at a different location every Friday. Also, I attend a women’s Bible study on Thursday mornings, so part of our schooling is done at different locations throughout the week. Starting in October we will adding basketball evening practice and games on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so more road schooling is up ahead.

This leaves Tuesdays and Wednesdays as our as our core learning at home days. On this final week of the iHomeschool Network Back To School Blog Hop, the girls and I decided we would document a pretty uneventful day. Tuesday September 20th:

5:00AM Alarm goes off and I slowly crawl out of bed,  it’s still dark outside! I have just enough time for a quick morning devotion before work.

The Musings of Mum - A Day In The Life
Don’t you love my cozy “office” conveniently situated in a corner of my closet.

5:30 to 9AM – Morning shift Monday to Thursday. Friday morning is just a little longer.

7:00AM – 15 minute work break. Sometimes I take this time to get ready for the day, but today I climbed back in bed.

7:15AM – Wake up the girls (or at least try to) before getting back to work.

8:00AM – Girls are finally up and eating breakfast before doing their morning chores.

9:00AM – I’m off work, I head downstairs for coffee and a quick breakfast but realize we are out of eggs and fruit.  Since I am on a no gran diet, this means it’ll be just coffee for me (grocery shop fail #1).

9:30AM – Our school day begins with Bible, morning memory work, writing, history and independent work. We are typically done by 2:30.

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The Musings of Mum - A Day In the Life

The Musings of Mum - A Day In The Life
Some of our daily memory work
The Musings of Mum - A Day In The Life
Miles Davis – He’s a very welcome distraction. At least he doesn’t fall asleep on top of math books like he did when he was younger.
The Musings of Mum - A Day In The Life
Meanwhile, Chewbacca sleeps the day away.
The Musings Of Mum - A Day In The Life
Kayla helping Rosie with fractions.

11:00AM – On this particular day my son came home in between classes to complete some last minute scholarship paperwork. He’s not home much since school started a couple of weeks ago. We took the opportunity to spend some bonus time together.

12:00PM – Both of the college kids went back to campus as the girls and I had lunch. For some time now, Amaya has taken lunch prep as her responsibility. I love that this wasn’t something she was assigned to do, and that it gives me a little bit more time to get something else (like laundry) done in the meantime.

12:30PM – Girls decided to read outside, but by the time they were all settled, the pool man arrived and back inside they went!

The Musings of Mum - A Day In The Life

2:45PM – As everyone was wrapping up school, Kayla noticed it was “raining” (actually I don’t think it would’ve even been considered a light sprinkle). Since California has been in a drought for I can’t even remember how long, and we are all longing for rain; we all ran out the front door to dance and run in the rain. Sadly, the somewhat pathetic California sprinkle stopped just as the girls started to run up and down the block. As we decided to get back inside, we realized we’d managed to lock ourselves out of the house.

The Musings of Mum - A Day In The Life

2:58PM – Panic sets in, since my afternoon shift starts promptly at 3 o’clock. Kayla saves the day, by getting in the back yard through the back gate, and in through the patio screen door. For once, I’m glad it was unlocked.

3:00PM – My afternoon shift begins, as the girls have some time to pursue personal interests. Olivia and Amaya spend some time creating or uploading YouTube content. Rose catches up on baking and crafting techniques and Kayla gets some piano practice.

The Musings of Mum - A Day In The Life
Mystery student joins us, as Olivia concentrates on editing and uploading to YouTube.

4:30PM – I rush downstairs to chop vegetables for tonight’s dinner. I intend to season and cook the chicken as soon as I get off work.

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5:08PM Amaya brings me a smoothie, she knows that by now I’m almost completely out of energy. She’s watching out for me!

The Musings Of Mum - A Day In The Life

6:00PM – Oldest girl gets home, as I finish up work. I head downstairs, pull the chicken out of the refrigerator and realize it’s gone bad (grocery shop fail #2). We ended up having sandwiches and salad for dinner. Food, is food after all.

7:45PM – Impromptu dance party to U2’s Beautiful Day after dinner clean up. Dance parties are a daily thing around here. We may not be great dancers, but we dance nonetheless.

9:00PM – Dad gets home from a basketball coaches meeting, and everyone bombards him with a million questions.

9:30PM – I put the younger girls to bed, then head to my room for some blog work.

10:30PM – Everyone else gets in bed, and ready for the next day.

12:00AM – Boy gets home from an extremely long theater rehearsal, and I finally get to bed.

And that’s a wrap! I’m exhausted. Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to stop the the iHomeschool network link-up for more Day in The Life posts!

Back To Homeschool Blog Hop - A Day In The Life

Do you have a structured homeschool day? Is there a specific time school starts and ends in your home?


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