Building Friendships and the Introverted Homeschooler

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Building friendships is not as easy for some of us. defines a friend as a person who gives assistance, a patron, a supporter. We all need these supporters, especially when it comes to homeschooling. 

Building Friendships, And The Introverted Homeschooler

Building Friendships is Not Always Easy

I’m an introvert by nature; in fact, many people see me as either rude or antisocial; however, this is not the case. I’m just one of those people who like to keep to themselves and are constantly thinking about stuff, all kinds of stuff. I’m thinking about the groceries we need to pick up, the laundry I didn’t put away, the crisis in the Middle East, the blog post I want to write; I’m even still laughing at the ridiculous cat video one of the girls showed me last week.

I’m not rude, snobbish, and I’m not judging you, I promise! However, this is what people often see when they meet me.

Friendships don’t come easy for me. I have to REALLY work at them. I mean really work. Taking the homeschool leap was blissful at first. Finally, there was something I could do solo. No need to make small talk with the PTA moms, team moms, teachers, etc. I was going to stay home, all day and just hang out with my kids. I was already friends with them, this was going to be great!!

The Harsh Reality

It didn’t take very long for me to realize that homeschooling is NOT a solo activity. Nope. I was going to have to talk to people, there’s only so much information you can glean from surfing the web and reading thousands of blog posts (yes thousands). I had to interact with other women, in real-time.

We joined a local PSP, and though it was (and still is) hard to open up and talk to other women, hearing about their experiences, has helped me immensely. These women were welcoming, kind, wise and eager to help with everything I was clueless about.

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An Alternative for the Introverted Homeschooler

I admit that the majority of my friendships are online, with women I’ve never met ‘in real life’, yet their support keeps me going daily. If you’re an introverted homeschooler like I am, I encourage you to go and find your tribe online. I’ve mentioned before, that I’m a member of Homeschool Scopes. The women in this group have words of wisdom in every subject and are willing to pray for you anytime you ask.

Online friendships can have the same benefits of ‘real-life’ friendships, but the on-line factor takes away the pressure for us introverts.

Why Building Friendships is Important

The short answer is: without friends, you’ll go crazy. Yes, you will.

My husband works long hours every day. He’s always excited to hear about my day and ready to share his, however many of the struggles I face day-to-day, are struggles he cannot relate to. There’s comfort in talking to women walking the same path you’re on.

When the only voice in your head is your own, your opinions are biased and your perspective is limited. Having a second, third, fourth, set of ears can give you insight on the problem at hand. Like the definition said, friends are there to support you, come alongside you, and more importantly pray for you.

Don’t do it alone friend. Let us join you and hold you up.

Have you found your homeschool encouragement tribe? let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I have to agree, I am not one to openly make new friends, but have found I need them! My husband loves and supports our homeschool journey, but he doesn’t understand the day to day work it takes. Finding other moms like myself online has been a huge support for myself!

  2. I take my time making friends. The amount of time I need, requires a lot of interactions. Many moms already have IRL friends and don’t see the value in taking the time to get to know someone new who needs that space. I’ve tried to be more open and understanding of new women I meet who seem standoffish because I’ve been that lonely girl who doesn’t get invited back. Even being that person doesn’t make it easy for me. Weird. Knowing what’s needed, but having to act on it.

    1. I’m sorry you’ve been that lonely girl, I’ve been that girl too. I guess I do take time making friends also, I’m known to be awkward and I’m ok with that too. I’d love for you to join the ladies at, I assure you they will always invite you back in 🙂

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