Parenthood, Adult Children, and the Lessons in Between

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Let’s face it.

Even though we might still think of them as little and no matter how hard it is to let go, we need to actually let go.

When the paths they choose are different or unknown to us, we must fight the urge to interfere.

Instead, we ought to hold our tongues and allow them to make the painful mistakes, they need to make, in order to grow.

Last summer, as my own adult children began to claim their independence more assertively than before, my husband and I had to do a little bit of growing ourselves. Eventually, we came to the realization, that the time we had been preparing them for was here.

The children we raised, are now adults. Our parenting role, has changed.

Out of my own necessity, I reached out to more experienced parents than myself. Parents who like us, have learned on the job. Moms and dads, willing to encourage, those of us who like my husband and I, are still in the trenches.

Join us Wednesdays, May through August, as moms and dads, share the successes, challenges and the lessons learned while parenting adults.

Some of the Series Contributors Include:​

Sue Creekmore from Word Washed Wife
Vicky Tillman from 7SistersHomeschool
Tatiana Adurias from The Musings of Mum
Pat Fenner from Breakthrough Homeschooling
Angel Pennyman from Experience His Freedom
Melanie Wilson from Psychowith6
Leah Nieman
Tiffany & Kendrix Jefferson from Finish With Joy
Susan K. Stewart from Practical Inspirations
Kathie King Mirrissey from The Character Corner
Lori Ziegler from As For Me
Ed Miller from National Center for Biblical Parenting
Michelle Wyatt from Life in the Nerddom
Gina Glenn
Jen Duncan from A Helpings Hand Homeschool
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