All Saints Movie – Faith, Community, Relationships

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All Saints Movie - Faith, Community, Relationships

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Have you heard of Michael Spurlock and the Karen people? It’s a remarkable story, I was not familiar with until just a few weeks ago, when I came across a news headline on Facebook. You can read that article here.

This story was the inspiration for the new faith based film All Saints, which depicts what transpired in a small town (Smyrna) in Tennessee. Michael Spurlock was a former salesman turned priest, assigned to close down All Saints church. The church was in deep financial trouble, and had a small congregation unable to keep it afloat. In his attempt to follow orders, he and his family befriend Burmese refugees in need of a church home and assistance. While under pressure from his superiors, land developers and a somewhat doubtful congregation, he hears a calling from the Lord, instructing him to use the land and the people to save the church.

By faith, and with the help of Ye Win (a refugee who serves as translator and spokesman for the Karen), Spurlock, the All Saints congregation and the Karen people begin to farm the large church property. Two completely different cultures come together as one, and save the church.

One of my favorite parts is a conversation Spurlock has with his son Atticus. Atticus asks what will happen to the Karen after the Spurlock family is gone. Spurlock’s reply is to “keep the Karen in prayer and to ask for God’s help”. Atticus then points out that Spurlock is God’s help.

Steve Armour, the film’s screen writer points out

The obligation of our faith is to try to help the people who need help, and also to accept the help of people when it’s offered.

You can find out a bit more about Michael Spurlock and the All Saints congregation in a behind the scenes interview below.

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I think it what the Lord was teaching me, was to be helplessly dependent on Him, and not trying to be trusting the strength of my own arms.

All Saints debuts in theaters everywhere on Friday, August 25th.

You can purchase tickets in advance, access downloads and additional information on the official film site

How will you let God use you? Will you answer the call?





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