Momma, It’s Ok To Be Angry - 4 Tips to Dealing With Anger

I slumped to the ground with tears streaming down my face. The heartache and disappointment I was experiencing threatened to overtake me. Shame was lingering nearby anticipating my agreement that I was a terrible mother. “Jesus, I didn’t ask for this. This is not what I wanted. I didn’t sign up for this,” I whispered over and over again. My anger was spent on the wall. I was grateful the wall was a lot harder than me so I could release my months of suppressed anger, rage, and pain. Still, I hadn’t forgotten my son had heard my angry outburst. Nor, did I forget that I had barely managed to hold onto all self-control as I shoved him into the bathroom cubicle at church (before I gave in to my rage). I knew I had to make things right with my boy. Shame continued to hover nearby. As moms, we don’t talk about the negative emotions we experience when we enter motherhood. Heck, we don’t really talk about our desperate need for motherhood encouragement or the fact that when we became moms our world changed so drastically, we haven’t caught up yet. Here’s The Deal With Anger Anger is alwaysREAD MORE