Courage in Motherhood, Letting Go of Pinterest Perfection

Perceived Pinterest Perfection We live in a world of perceived Pinterest perfection that can often make it hard for mothers to feel as if they are doing enough for their children. What was once a simple birthday party with streamers, balloons, and a birthday cake has been elevated to including clowns, cotton candy machines and circus performers. The problem in all of this is that it is zapping the joy out of motherhood. God did not create motherhood to be perfected via Pinterest. Rather, it is a sanctification process for us and our roles as mothers is to bring glory to God. There is nothing wrong with wanting nice things for our children; it is when that desire creates a spirit of perfectionism or we fail to put God first in our lives that things go awry. In order to cultivate true joy in our journey of motherhood, we have to let go of Pinterest and our perfectionist ideals. Changing the world starts at home, it starts with moms and dads who are willing to be real and teach their children the traits and values so desperately needed in this world. Momma, you cannot give what you don’t have toREAD MORE