Motherhood Encouragement: Raising Up Boys

I am a boy mom. I used to wonder why moms differentiated being a “boy” mom from just being a mom. But, having 2 sons (and another on the way, bless my heart) I totally understand why the difference. Yes, I know how girls are. Like my friend and fellow boy mom said, “I am a girl, of course I know what they’re like”. I pity girl moms no doubt. But there’s something about those boys. The smells. Ugh. They’re never still. Like, ever. Their brains aren’t developed the same and they can’t focus like a girl. And they’re obsessed with their body parts in a way that most girls never experience. So while yes, I know girl mommin’ is hard, boy mom is a category all of its own. One day, pondering why God gave me a third boy, I realized something: Living here on earth is hard, getting harder by the day, and I cannot imagine what it will be like when my boys are grown. But I know this: God gave me a purpose. It might not be fame or glory. I might not quantify my accomplishments. But I am certain God called me to raise boys.READ MORE