Why Broken Moms are the Best Moms

In the windowless basement amongst the brown and orange carpet was a wooden play fridge and stove. A pink doll bassinet was sitting nearby along with the essentials to playing house. As I rocked my baby doll, for a mere few seconds, she was fast asleep for hours on end while I tended to other matters. I felt confident as the best mom ever. As I child, I had expectations of how being a mom to real children would look. The kids would listen, play together nicely and always eat what I cooked for dinner. The first night of being a real mom destroyed all my false expectations from childhood. The reality was quite different. Never would I have dreamed about post-partum depression, anxiety or hormonal problems. And as far as the kids, they have been challenging in each season of motherhood. I don’t know about you, but many days I question how I can do this? Honestly, I’m a big mess. I can’t be the Best Mom with my Past I have lots of baggage from my past that affects my patience, the grace I extend and my confidence. There have been a few seasons in my life whereREAD MORE