Motherhood Isn't Graded, So Stop Looking to Do More

I transitioned to college as a homeschool alumna, and I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of difficulty. So, even though I had aced every assignment so far in my English 101 class, I jumped at the extra credit opportunity. I wanted a high A-average for the class. The professor stared at me when I turned it in. “Lauren,” he said, “Why did you do this? We don’t have an A+ at this college. You can’t go above a 4.0 no matter how hard you work.” I learned that day that sometimes we don’t have to do our best to already be at the best level. It’s a life lesson that I hope will be some motherhood encouragement to those moms pressured to do everything from play dates to baby swimming lessons to self-defense lessons to teaching your 2-month-old how to read. Motherhood Isn’t Graded, So Stop Looking to Do More The Temptation to Do More Competitive motherhood isn’t a 21st Century development. We can even find it lurking within the pages of our Bible in stories like the rivalry between Leah and Rebekah. While the criteria that we judge each other and ourselves by changes between the generations,READ MORE