Old-Fashioned Motherhood in a Newfangled World

When I was younger I remember hearing the older generation say things like “Boy things sure have changed since I was younger.” or “What has this world come to?” Nowadays, I might be considered the older generation but that’s OK, I’m convinced that the years I have behind me have given me a valuable perspective.  As an older mom, I think that it’s worth taking some time to evaluate how we’re living as mothers, why we’re doing what we’re doing and how we can pursue a lifestyle where we embrace old-fashioned motherhood in this newfangled world. You’re probably wondering what “fangled” is but quite frankly I have no idea I just thought it made for a great title. Let’s face it, times have changed, they really have but if you’re a young mom you may not have recognized this. Motherhood, for example, is much different than it was even ten years ago and it’s extremely different than it was in biblical times. Change isn’t always bad, however, we’ve had positive changes such as the technological advancements which have made our lives easier, or those that our homeschool pioneers before us paved to make home education an acceptable and preferable school choice. More than everREAD MORE