Organize Your bedroom in 5 Easy Steps

Organize Your Bedroom in 5 Easy Steps, No Cash Needed

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Organize Your Bedroom in 5 Easy Steps, No Cash Needed - This month we're taking back our bedrooms. Clutter free, mess free, stress free. I'm super excited about this challenge because you don't have to spend any money, but you might actually make some! #Organized365 #homeorganization

This month we’re taking back our bedrooms. Clutter free, mess free & stress free.

Welcome to challenge number 2.

I’m super excited about this challenge because you don’t have to spend any money, but you might actually make some!

By tackling our closets last month we got a head start on this month’s challenge. Half the work is already done. However though these are 5 easy steps, you will need to take them daily. The end goal of this 12 month challenge is not just to get our homes organized, but to get ourselves as well as our families in the habit of putting things back where they belong. Eventually, keeping our homes will become a family responsibility, that won’t only fall on mom and dad.

1. Make your bed everyday.

Yeah, I know this one sounds too easy, because it is and it actually makes a huge difference.

Regardless of how big the TV is, and how pretty the curtains are, our beds are the focus of our bedrooms. When I walk in my bedroom, no matter the time of day, I look at my bed and I see comfort, rest, and relaxation.

Taking just a few moments to make your bed every day will encourage you to get the rest of the bedroom going as well. A rule in our house to make the bed before leaving the room in the morning. Even if nothing else gets picked up in that bedroom all day, the room will feel and look much cleaner than before.

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2. Keep the closet door closed.

This one is even easier than number 1. We took great strides last month in getting rid of all the extra stuff taking over precious square footage in our closets. We organized, minimized and donated, and our closets are hopefully in good enough shape to close the door.

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Keeping the door closed is another simple habit that will give your bedroom and instantly clean feel. Plus, now that we took the time to get our closets neat and organized we are less likely to just throw things in.

3. Put the laundry away.

This one’s a little more tricky, and my absolute kryptonite.

Before I knew any better, I kept my clean laundry in the baby’s crib. Every time a new load was done, it was easy to dump it in the crib and pick what we needed from there. The baby slept in our bed. When the baby was too old for a crib, the pile of laundry moved to my bed. It would then travel from one end of the room to another. The pile never seemed to go away.

I have since declared another rule:

No more piles, or baskets, or cribs of laundry.

Easier said than done I know, I’m there with you. I made the rule yet I complain  about it every single time. But… I do love not seeing those piles any longer. Having my closets organized and stocked with ONLY what I actually need has made putting everything away much easier. Because everything has a purpose and a place, half the job has already been done.

Funny how we keep going to those closets don’t you think? The closets are the key.

4. Keep a catch-all-basket handy.

Last week I mentioned we keep an outgrown bin in the kids closets. The catch-all-basket, serves a similar purpose. We keep them in the bedrooms, as well as one downstairs.

After you’ve made the bed and closed the closet door, gather anything that seems to be out of place in the basket. My basket usually has phone chargers, toys, playing cards or books, left behind by one of the kids. I then either distribute what I gathered or call everyone to come and collect their belongings.

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This simple step cuts down clutter like you wouldn’t imagine. Everything goes back to where it needs to be, and it doesn’t take long at all.

5. Just because it can be purchased as a set, it doesn’t mean you should.

And here is where you may actually make some money.

Many of us have beautiful bedroom sets, with matching nightstands, TV tables, dressers, dressing tables and chairs. The matching pieces give us a sense of uniformity and large dressers a sense of extra storage. However, that’s not always the case.

As we continue on the quest to efficiently organize our homes, and live simpler lives, we will eventually realize that we may no longer need the extra drawer space.

The Challenge

This month’s challenge is two-fold:

The first challenge is to take steps 1 to 4 everyday without fail. I guarantee, you will be encouraged and will have formed a lasting habit by the end of the month.

The second challenge, is not to go around your home, taking stock of what you no longer need, but to really examine the purpose of the things you do have. Like the capsule wardrobes we discussed last month, take inventory of the furniture you own. Try to imagine it serving a new purpose in a different space, a dual purpose where it currently stands, or even the possibility of passing it on and making some money along the way.

I look forward to sharing more tips, as well as this month’s giveaway with you next week. I’d love to see how you’re doing with the challenges and connect with you personally. Please join us in the Organized 365 Community, on Facebook. Also, can see whats next in this 12 month series by clicking here.

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  1. my biggest organizational challenge is my kitchen island. It’s my catch all for everything! I can’t stand it, but don’t know how to keep it clean.

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