[I received a copy of this book to review by FrontGate Media. All opinions are my own, you can see my full disclosure here.] Science has not always been my thing. I learned what was required in school, but was never interested in more, until I recommitted my life to the Lord. Suddenly science became AWESOME. Suddenly I’m obsessed. Genesis 1 gives a detailed account of how all things came to be. We’re given an explanation for the sun, moon stars, animals, people, plants. Everything. And the closer we look at any of those, the more we notice the complexities that exists in each. It’s noREAD MORE

Why The She Reads Truth Bible, Is The Perfect Study Bible

[I was given this Bible to review for B&H Publishing by FrontGate Media. All opinions are my own, you can see my full disclosure here.] When a close friend of mine first became a believer and received her very first Bible she treated it with such reverence, that it gave the impression it would burst into flames if anyone even laid eyes on it. She carried it in a box, which she carried in a paper bag, which she carried in her laptop case. She didn’t bring it to church very often, in fear something would happen to it. I’m all for reverence for theREAD MORE

Living in California has some advantages, however it also has some great disadvantages in my opinion. One of those disadvantages is that it’s rarely ever cold enough to curl up by the fire, drink hot cocoa and even have a piping hot bowl of soup. However, for the love of soup, I’ve asked my husband (The Personal Chef) to share the recipe of our favorite bowl of delicious goodness. This is the soup that inspired this conversation: I had my poor kid in a panic, with a simple yum. We’ve been known to have big bowls of hot soup in 100 degree weather. Yes, it’s thatREAD MORE

We live in a day and age that is positively saturated with parenting books, parenting manuals, parenting blogs, parenting podcasts, and more. As if that weren’t enough, new studies are coming out daily, telling you what you should and should not do with your babies, toddlers, and children as you go about the work of raising them. Here’s the real kicker, though: these voices we’re hearing all contradict one another! One parenting “expert” will tell you it is in your baby’s best interests to be sleep trained and that if you do not sleep-train your little one, then you are being negligent and are aREAD MORE

Personal Motivation in the Midst of Overwhelmed Motherhood

So much I desire to do, yet I feel like I would need a lifetime to accomplish it all. Wife, mother, employee, teacher, ministry director, so many responsibilities. How do I work towards personal growth? What do I even mean about that? What is even that I desire so much to achieve? Study a deep book on a very serious topic? Get certified as a classical educator? Become a writer? How? When? Is it possible when I even struggle with my daily and consistent responsibilities as a Christian mother? The answer is yes! How? because in order to be able to accomplish all those “responsibilities”READ MORE

Encouragement For Moms Of Littles

Have you ever had days when everything seems to be falling apart? When all your littles are having melt downs all at the same time! The baby is crying, your toddler is screaming because he wants you to pick him up and your oldest child is upset because you are not listening to him….all while trying to prepare dinner. If your answer is YES! I want to personally welcome you to the “Mama of Littles Club” and here’s a (((HUG))) because I know you need one. You and I know that being a mama of littles can be very exhausting. Can I get an AMEN! I find myself physically, mentally and emotionally drained all theREAD MORE

Tween and Teen Character Training With Adventures in Odyssey

I received a free copy of Adventures in Odyssey: Up in the Air, and I was compensated for my time. See full disclosure here. My girls have always loved the Adventures in Odyssey series. We listened to them often when they were younger but as they hit the tween and teen years they slowly started to loose interest. However, I always keep a CD or two with me, in my Sunday school bag. I teach 4 year olds and they still go crazy over the silly adventures. Earlier this month, I finally received a brand new CD, and like always, I sat down to listenREAD MORE

An Open Letter to Every Mom

To every mother – Mom, I didn’t know that sometimes you were stressed out. I didn’t know that there were days you worried about the bills. I didn’t know that you and Dad fought or had moments that were difficult. I didn’t know that you had so many things on your schedule, so many responsibilities on your shoulders. I didn’t know that there were days you gave us the last piece of chicken or the last slice of pizza even though you were hungrier than we were. I didn’t know that there were days that you felt overwhelmed; so overwhelmed you ended up in tears,READ MORE

Finding God in the Little Moments

Motherhood can be overwhelming. As a mom, wife, housekeeper, cook, and the one running errands with the children, it’s easy for life to become busy and miss all those little God moments with our children. However, such simple God moments can have incredible value to our children and to ourselves. If we as moms, can daily take time to be still before the Lord and with our children, we can capture simple moments that can be used as daily motherhood encouragement for ourselves. In the midst of all the busyness as a mom, let’s discuss how we can find God in such simple little momentsREAD MORE

You Have Been Chosen + Your Work is Precious

Don’t you love it when you are reading through a Scripture passage that you have read many times before, and something jumps out at you that you have never seen, but it is also something that you needed just at that moment? One day last month I was reading this passage in one of my favorite books of the Bible- 1 Peter. “So put away all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander. 2 Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation— 3 if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good. 4 As you come toREAD MORE

3 Ways To Intentionally Disciple Your Children

We are currently studying American History in our homeschool, and recently finished a unit on the Puritans (or Pilgrims). It was inspiring to learn about how their faith gave them the vision and courage to make that journey to America and then continue to persevere in the new world despite suffering many hardships. During one of our lessons my nine-year-old piped up, “It’s like God was their life theme”. Yes, it was pretty much exactly like that. For the Puritans, there really was no separation between the spiritual and the secular. They taught their children how to read for the express purpose of reading andREAD MORE

Angry Mom: Feeling Guilty for Yelling at Your Kids?

You just yelled at your kids.  The baby was crying as you prepared his food, the phone started ringing, you realized dinner should have been started an hour ago… and then little Johnny and Suzy did that one thing that you had asked for the umpteenth time that they stop doing. SNAP! There’s went that last straw! Any resolve you had to not yell or get angry went right out the window and you belted out frustrations and barked out orders. Afterward you felt sad and guilty, not sure what to say. Pretty soon the day moved on as usual. Pssst… can I let youREAD MORE

What a Boy Needs From Mom!

What exactly DO boys need from Mom? I know how crucial a dad (or other father figure) in a boy’s life is, but what about Mom? I have four boys, and it was a steep learning curve for me to figure out what my boys needed most from me as their mom. I am always trying to find ways to connect with my four boys. I took them out for special treats. A coffee/pop date. I would sit across from them at the table while they were doing school and would try to engage them in conversation. After months of this and not getting anywhereREAD MORE

What is the True Meaning of Biblical Motherhood?

Motherhood is a wonderful time of life.  It is all consuming – filled with laughter, joy, work, trials, challenges and triumphs.  But motherhood can also be tiring and draining if we aren’t caring for ourselves.  In a culture that has a large emphasis on “me time” and not enough on motherhood encouragement, I want to shift that focus back to our larger purpose – HIS calling upon our lives. But what does this look like?  And what is biblical motherhood really meant to be? The History of Motherhood In the past (specifically from the 11th to the 18th century), motherhood was something that was celebrated.  ItREAD MORE

Motherhood Encouragement For The Mom of an Only Child

Motherhood encouragement is so important and I am so excited I get to encourage moms about the blessings of being a mom to an “only” child! If you don’t have an only child, there is something good in here for you too! God wants to encourage us all as mothers in this crazy thing called motherhood. Have you noticed that there is a lot of shaming that goes on between moms about so many things? I just don’t get it. As a mom of an only child I have heard a few things over the years that felt like a crush to my spirit atREAD MORE

5 Ingredients of Biblical Parenting

Am I the only mom who has wondered over the years of parenting if I was doing things right? Biblical parenting was the goal that my husband and I had in mind, but we weren’t sure what that looked like. Over the 36 years of parenting our 8 kids, we sought wisdom from God’s Word, as well as from Godly parents who had raised their kids to know and love God.  Though Biblical parenting involves many things, I believe there are 5 key ingredients.  1.  Begin training and teaching them EARLY. A child’s character is formed primarily in his early years, so it’s very importantREAD MORE

The Practical Side of Gospel-Centered Parenting

As a mom of five beautiful children whose faith is her lifeline, I knew I wanted to raise my kids according to the Gospel. From an early age, I wanted to instill in them the wonder and awe and peace and protection the Gospel offers. I have learned over the years that sometimes life can get in the way of our plans, our dreams, and our hopes. Yet, oftentimes it is these detours and bumps along the road that brings us right where we need to be: at the feet of Jesus. I know that my mothering journey has been one filled with lots ofREAD MORE

Please know I am only sharing based on my personal experiences. I understand the care of a special needs child varies greatly. Today I hope to share some encouragement from God’s word to your heart as you make the best decisions you can for your individual parenting situation. shared with the permission of my sweet daughter… I sat on the floor next to her begging God to calm her spirit. We were almost 2 hours into our daily bedtime battle. Tears streamed down my face as she continued. I had been roped into her nighttime rituals and I didn’t even know it yet. The compulsiveREAD MORE

5 Lessons I Learned from the Mother of Jesus

Being a mother is undoubtedly one of the things that has been a tremendous source of joy in my life. It is also one of the things that has been a source of anguish and has driven me to tears some  days. There have been times when I have found myself shaken to my core with feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. If you saw me, you probably couldn’t tell because I put that picture perfect smile on (you know the one) and kept my head up high – acting like nothing was wrong. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. And despite all ofREAD MORE

Memoirs Of A Boomerang Child

The conversation started with my sister in Christ asking me if I would like to be a guest for her blog party, with a focus on Biblical Motherhood.  My first reaction, to be honest was fear. Me, write on Biblical Motherhood?  She must not know me that well.  I’ve just began (again) on a deep relationship with God. Once A Boomerang Child See, if you were to see my posts either through Instagram or Facebook you would think that my feet were always deeply rooted in faith.  I would love to tell you I grew up singing Jesus Loves Me, and that I’ve read theREAD MORE