Why You Should Attend Capitol Day

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Last April, over 3,000 homeschoolers from every corner of the state of  California descended on the State Capitol, to make a very clear statement.

Why You Should Attend Capitol Day

We are a voice to be reckoned with, and we will stand for what we believe in.

So many of us made the trip to Sacramento, despite financial hardship and after very little planning, due to one House Bill that  threatened our freedom. You can read about that bill here, and what happens when we stand together here.

It was by far the most amazing display of unity amongst people who have never met, that I have ever seen. Not only was the homeschool community in awe, but so were the legislators. They looked at one another, saying they had “never seen such a response towards any piece of legislation before”.

We have another opportunity to make a very similar statement this month.

As the new legislation period is beginning, this is the best time for homeschoolers, to once again make an impression on the California State Capitol. This time, not with the intention of stopping an unfair bill, but with the intention of preventing bills like it.

You see, the problem with the origin of bills like 2756 & 2926 (California), 1798 (Maryland), and 574 (Kentucky), is that they originate from a lack of understanding of the homeschool community.

We often fear what we don’t know, and legislators, as well meaning as they may be, don’t have all the information, and most have never even met a homeschool family.

Capitol Day & Leadership Conference

One of the best ways to ensure legislators get to know a homeschool family, is to connect with them. Family Protection Ministries, CHEA of California and homeschoolers from across our state come together at the State Capitol, to make those connections.

From the FPM website:

Every other year, a group of homeschoolers joins us for Capitol Day to visit each of our legislators’ offices at the capitol at the beginning of the new legislative session in Sacramento as we create a visible presence and positive impression of private Christian home education.

There are many misconceptions and stereotypical remarks made about homeschoolers, you know them, I won’t repeat them all. Some are silly and we can all have a good laugh, however many others are very harmful, and if this is all someone outside of the homeschool world knows, we can be in for a lot of trouble.

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Capitol Day, is the perfect way to show the world, we are not as strange, as socially awkward, as sheltered or as controlling as they might think.

FPM and CHEA of California, will be holding a leadership conference in conjunction with Capitol Day January 16th through 19th. You can find out more, and register here.

If you are in the area, or can make the trip to Sacramento, will you consider attending? Showing up as a united front as well as fervent prayer, is what stopped HB2756 in its tracks.

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