Favorite Classical Charlotte Mason Science Resources

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Favorite Classical Charlotte Mason Science Resources - Charlotte Mason believed children should spend many hours exploring and learning outdoors. However, this is not very realistic in our time.

Charlotte Mason believed children should spend many hours exploring and learning outdoors. However, this is not very realistic in our time. Specially for those of us who live in the city or in the suburbs. What we have done instead, is allowed ourselves time for a nature outings on Fridays. We’ve had the chance to explore farms, gardens, hiking trails and beaches. We study science more traditionally (books, experiments, directions, etc.) the rest of the week.

Here’s a list of our favorite nature study, elementary and upper level science resources.

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Favorite Nature Study Science Resources

Nature Study Books – There’s lots of great books you can use to guide you. Our favorite, because of it’s simplicity and illustrations is Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below for a chance at winning one for yourself.

Field Guides – In a constant effort to constantly cut the weight and amount of luggage we tend to take on nature hikes, I’ve stopped packing up traditional field guides. Instead we use apps to help us identify plants, tracks and birds along the way. The apps we are using are Audubon California Bird Guide, Wildflowers Along the Way, Track Lite, Plant-O-Matic and All Trails.

Favorite Classical Charlotte Mason Science Resources 

Pocket Microscope – Kids love microscopes. When we started on our nature hikes we would bring all sorts of things home, just we can look at them under the microscope. Then we started bringing the microscope along, and even though it was small, it wasn’t always practical. We recently added this pocket microscope to our on the go bag.

Nature Journal – This is the one thing not everyone was on board with when we started on nature study, however it has finally become a part of the outings. We use simple watercolor pads, watercolor paints and brushes.

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Camera – Because you don’t want to miss moments like this. Your cell phone camera is more than enough.

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Favorite Elementary Science Resources

Answers in Genesis God’s Design Series

Answers in Genesis Answers for Kids Series

It Couldn’t Just Happen

Favorite Upper Level Science Resources

Apologia Science

Microscope – Again, kids love them and they are a fantastic learning tool. We purchased this microscope in 2014, and we’ve taken in on hikes, used it at the park, at home and it’s still going strong.

Have you heard of the Wild + Free movement?

Wild and free is a community of mothers and homeschoolers, who want to freely experience adventure. This is a perfect for someone trying to follow the Charlotte Mason philosophy.

There are Wild + Free groups popping up all over the world. A great majority of the group members have younger children, however older kids like to explore outdoors too. Their website has lots of information on how to either find or start your own Wild + Free group.

What science resources would you add?

Join us tomorrow for our Favorite Classical Charlotte Mason Resources for the Arts, and don’t miss the rest of the Classical Charlotte Mason Homeschooling series. Be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a couple of our favorite resources.

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