Charlotte Mason Inspired Middle School Curriculum

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This is a pretty exciting year for me, because I am officially schooling middle and high schoolers only. I do miss having little ones around, and all the fun that comes with schooling the elementary grades, but I am looking forward to spending more time researching, exploring and challenging my girls as they get older.

I am also looking forward to my middle schoolers being more independent in their learning.


We consider ourselves Charlotte Mason homeschoolers, with a classical twist, and we often follow year/term rotations as recommended by Ambleside Online (AO). You’ll see some of our selections reflect AO’s recommendations, and others reflect our own.

Here are some of our Charlotte Mason inspired middle school curriculum choices.

You can also check out my Charlotte Mason inspired high school choices here.

Morning Gathering

The feast of subjects in our morning gathering, is more abundant this year.

We loop morning subjects as best we can, but always allow ourselves extra time for rabbit trails, when needed.

Artist Study

My favorite resource for art appreciation materials is Enrichment Studies. Some of the works we will be studying this year are included in their Great Artists pages sets B and C.

This year we will focus on Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, and Diego Rivera.


As a family, we are currently on year 8 of Ambleside Online’s suggested readings. This year we will cover Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, Ecclessiastes, Psalms 106 to 150, Proverbs 1 to 16, as well as the Book of Matthew.

Composer Study

Our composers for the year are Maurice Ravel, Sergei Prokofiev and Dmitri Shostakovich.

We selected to focus on these composers thanks to pieces we heard on the 20th Century Music Appreciation for High School course from Music in Our Homeschool.

Folksongs & Hymns

We are closely following the Ambleside Online selections for 2018-2019, and we will be using Great Hymns of the Faith as a companion resource.

Poetry & Recitation

In previous years, we’ve focused on two to three poets per term (about 15 a year), however this year we are sticking with Shakespeare’s sonnets, and 3 Psalms.

Some of the sonnets we’ll focus on are 18, 29 to 31, 53 & 54,  57, 73, 87, 90, 94, 97; as well as Psalms 45, 46 & 51.

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Read Alouds

I used to think reading aloud would only benefit littles, however it’s been great for my middle and high schoolers too. Our middle school selections are Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

U.S. Presidents

This year we are studying U.S. Presidents starting with Woodrow Wilson (28th) to Donald Trump (45th). We use a combination of flashcards,videos found on YouTube and Presidents vs. Aliens video game (quick and fun way to learn  presidential facts).

Language Arts

My 7th grader is an avid reader, and I’m certain I’ll have to add a plethora of books to her list for the year, however since my 8th grader needs a little bit more encouragement, we’re starting off with the The Chronicles of Narnia Series.


Shakespeare is a BIG hit with my girls so we’ll continue immersing ourselves in his works. This year’s selection includes Twelfth Night (didn’t get to finish it last semester), Measure for Measure, As you Like It and possibly The Comedy of Errors.


We had the chance to review CTC Math for the first time earlier this year. It’s been a huge success, so we’ll continue using it. You can read my review and sign-up for a free trial here.


We’ve used Apologia’s Exploring Creation series almost right from the beginning. We will continue using this series.

Exploring Creation with General Science for my 7th grader, and Exploring Creation with Physical Science for my 8th grader.

Nature Study

We’re following Ambleside Online’s recommendations here as well. We love Nature Anatomy as a nature study guide because of it’s simplicity, so we will continue to use it throughout term 1 (trees, shrubs and vines). However I haven’t been able to a find similar guide for term 2 (stars and sky) or term 3 (amphibians). I’d love to hear your recommendations!

Social Studies


This is one of the things we’re trying for the first time this year. Our middle school biography selections are  Personal Reflections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain, The Life of Sir Francis Bacon by William Rawley and The Life of Dr. John Donne by Izaak Walton.

World History

I’m excited about this one. We’re joining two other families for history co-op this year. We will be using Around the World in 180 Days from Apologia. I’ve been spending a couple of weeks familiarizing myself with the text, and I’m happy to say it’s very CM friendly.



Finally, since apologetics has become a passion for all of us, we will be diving into Mere Christianity as a family.


The girls will wrap up Second Form Latin and move on to Third Form Latin from Memoria Press. We’ve used their Latin curricula for years and we absolutely love it.

Still curious to find out what others are using this year?

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