CTC Math Review: For The Mom Who Won't Do Math

CTC Math Review: For The Mom Who Won’t Do Math

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CTC Math Review: For The Mom Who Won't Do Math - On more than one occasion, I've said that 'math' can substitute a bad word in our home. Thanks to CTC Math, that's no longer true.


Math is a struggle.

On more than one occasion, I’ve said that ‘math’ can substitute a bad word in our home. It was one of the reasons I used against homeschooling. I-didn’t-want-to-do-it.

Honestly, I still kind of don’t.

During our first year, a friend recommended a popular computer program. It was one of those set it and forget it things. Self-pacing, self-grading, no need to worry about anything type deals, and it actually was for some time. Then things got hard and we needed MORE. When another friend suggested CTC Math a few years back, I quickly dismissed her. We had tried the computer thing, and determined it wasn’t for us. Tough they are very tech savvy, my girls don’t do their best learning on a computer.

Then earlier this year, we had the opportunity to take CTC Math for a spin.

The coolest thing was, that 3 weeks into the program, my very hesitant 11 year old said “Finally!! He’s teaching the lesson in a way I can understand!” to which her 12 year old sister responded “For reals, I actually get this.”

Can you imagine my relief? I normally try to run the opposite way, or look like I’m in deep thought during math-time outbursts!

This was cool.

Three of my girls signed up for the program. Same interface, different grade levels and skills training.

How CTC Math Works

Each lesson begins with a video, the student will then answer the follow up questions. I love that every lesson is simple, focuses on a single concept and the student is welcome to watch it as many times as needed, or even skip it they’ve already mastered it. When the lesson has been completed, simply move on to the next.

The student will know whether their answers are correct or incorrect immediately, because it CTC Math is interactive.

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Since the video lessons are short, and answering the follow up questions doesn’t take long, my girls can learn and practice multiple concepts in a day.

Stuff You’ll Geek Out About

The Parent Dashboard

I confess I didn’t ‘get into it’ right away, however when I made the time to actually check out the tools, I was super impressed. Some of the cool stuff you’ll find:

  • Awards (yes, homeschoolers need awards too)
  • Activity – Displays logins, views with date and timestamp. No more teenagers saying they got it done without proof.
  • Weekly Reports – This is comprehensive reporting. Everything you need to know about your student’s progress.
  • Task Board – Allows you to set specific tasks or goals to be completed by each students.
  • Progress Report – This is the first thing the parent sees as they log in. It displays progress and current grade.

The Student Dashboard

Not as cool as the parent dashboard, but easy to navigate, and packed with what the student needs, without any of the distractions

  • Ability to select grade, topic and concept. Let’s the student focus on the task at hand right away.
  • Current award is displayed, great for motivation.
  • Lesson understanding rating, helps the parent see when more practice is needed.

Why This Mom Loves CTC Math

To put it plain and simple, it’s stress free. My girls can work independently, and I no longer have to hide when they need help. The math-induced sighs and grunts have been reduced to a minimum.

Since CTC Math is completely online, there is nothing else we need in order to continue learning. We spent three weeks on the road earlier this year, and they logged on to CTC Math right from their cell phones.

A Discount, A Free Trial, and a Giveaway from CTC Math

Homeschooling families can receive a massive 60% discount from the regular price. Purchase any 12 month membership and receive a bonus 6 months for FREE! (total 18 months). You can take advantage of the offer here.

And f you’d like to try CTC Math but want to know if t’s a good fit for your family, sign up for their free trial here.

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Finally, CTC Math wants to give away a 12-month family membership. Enter to win here!

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