Dawson's Pajama Drama Multicultural Children's Book Day

Dawson’s Pajama Drama Multicultural Children’s Book Day

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 Dawson's Pajama Drama Multicultural Children's Book Day

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Multicultural Children’s Book Day is upon us once again. I first heard about it 4 years ago, and fell in love with the idea of sharing books that promote cultural diversity. For the 3rd year in a row, we have the chance to enjoy and share a brand new book in honor of Multicultural Children’s Book Day.

Dawson’s Pajama Drama

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know I have a thing for books, and that I have a hard time passing on a book regardless of the grade level. This was the case here. Dawson’s Pajama Drama is a picture book, and my youngest is well past the picture-book-stage.

We absolutely loved Dawson’s Pajama Drama. It reads like a poem, and it’s got just enough silliness to make you giggle. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is full of drama and imagination. When my niece came for a visit, she found it on a basket and spent most of the afternoon playing with it, and asking my daughter to read it.

Dawson's Pajama Drama Multicultural Children's Book Day
Written By Constance Ogilvie – Illustrated By Basma Hosam – Published by Crumpled Paper Publishing – Kindergarten

The author, has created a fantastic book trailer, check it out below. What a great way to appreciate the beautiful illustrations, which is what caught my 3 year old niece’s eye.


When Dawson put on his detective hat and picked up a magnifying glass, my niece did the same and went on to inspect every corner of the house. We had a great time looking for all sorts of things, even long after Dawson’s mystery was solved.

The learning and inspecting opportunities continue on!

About Multicultural Children’s Book Day

Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2019 (1/25/19) is in its 6th year and was founded by Valarie Budayr from Jump Into A Book and Mia Wenjen from PragmaticMom. Our mission is to raise awareness of the ongoing need to include kids’ books that celebrate diversity in homes and school bookshelves while also working diligently to get more of these types of books into the hands of young readers, parents and educators.

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Multicultural Children's Book Day

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