Finding God in the Little Moments

Finding God in the Little Moments

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Finding God in the Little Moments - Whether it's a joyful or sorrowful circumstance you are going through, there are always opportunities to find God in the little moments.

Motherhood can be overwhelming. As a mom, wife, housekeeper, cook, and the one running errands with the children, it’s easy for life to become busy and miss all those little God moments with our children. However, such simple God moments can have incredible value to our children and to ourselves.

If we as moms, can daily take time to be still before the Lord and with our children, we can capture simple moments that can be used as daily motherhood encouragement for ourselves.

In the midst of all the busyness as a mom, let’s discuss how we can find God in such simple little moments with our children.

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Moms, let’s laugh. It’s ok to break out of serious mode to live life and enjoy our children. It can be so easy to focus on our tasks, letting them control our day. It’s so easy to be strict and discipline all day long.

Those little children running around always have something so innocent and funny to say. Laugh out loud with them! Jesus desires for you to have a cheerful heart. (That’s why He gave you those kids, right?)

We all know that famous verse,

Proverbs 17:22, “A cheerful heart is good medicine.”

Take in those little moments and experience that joy God gave directly to your children. Allow their joy to transfer into you!


Children worship God so beautifully. I don’t know how many videos I have now of my children standing in our living room dancing, singing, and worshiping while music is playing. Children can easily demonstrate what a worshiper truly looks like.

Take in those moments. Go, walk into that room with them, raise your hands, and worship God with them. And in that little moment, find more of God, more of His love, and more of His peace.

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Watch Them Sleep

Want to experience peace? Look in at your children while they are sleeping. There is an incredible sense of peace on children while they sleep.

Every night, I walk into my children’s rooms before I go to bed, taking some time to pray over each child. In those moments, my spirit is blessed seeing them sleep there so peacefully. Again, experiencing God in such a small moment.

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Asking Forgiveness

Then there are those moments where you fail. When everything comes crashing down and you lose your cool. You’re impatient with your child- you yell and react in such a way that causes regret minutes later.

When you feel regret, you can still find God. Take a moment, first, to recognize what you have done was wrong. Secondly, present it to Jesus and repent. Lastly, humbly go and ask forgiveness to the child that you overreacted to.

Almost every time I’ve done this, I have gotten eye to eye level with my children, apologized, then gave them a big hug.

And in those little moments, you and your children will experience Jesus at a deeper level. Your child is getting glimpses of what love, grace, and forgiveness is all about.

Look Into Their Eyes

Other than taking those apology moments to kneel down and look into their eyes, take moments when your child is sensitive to Holy Spirit to look into their eyes.

Over this past month, I had some tough weeks that I encountered as a mother. The first one led me to crying on my bed with my two year old. After I was done crying, I looked over at her, and I saw Jesus right through her. I could sense and feel God while looking into her eyes. She was carrying the peace of God all over her in that moment.

That next week, I had another hard week filled with an unexpected circumstance. And again, in the midst of a tough moment, I look at my baby girl’s face, and all she did was smile from ear to ear. The spirit of God came on me in that moment.

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Whether it’s a joyful or sorrowful circumstance you are going through, there are always opportunities to find God in the little moments. Allow your children to be used to provide that motherhood encouragement you need on a daily basis.

What little moments have you seen God through your children? Share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear!

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  1. Love this! I need reminders every single day to enjoy the little things about being home with my kids. They are such precious gifts! Joy, Worship, Forgiveness, and taking in all those sweet little moments…it’s all so important! Thanks for sharing. ❤

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