God Does Not Create the Mundane

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Have you had one of those days when all you want to do is absolutely nothing? Those days when you are just fed up. The house is a mess. There are at least 15 loads of laundry scattered in the laundry room. The chicken you are supposed to cook for dinner is still frozen solid, and it’s almost 5pm?

That’s pretty much how my week has been. Sunday night as I eagerly planned our school week, outings and science labs I had energy to burn. I could not wait for Monday to get here.

Monday morning came and I rolled out of bed, late for work, exhausted from a very packed weekend and all the excitement about the school week just vanished.

As I walked the 15 foot long hallway from my bedroom to my office, I wanted to hide. I wasn’t just tired; I was depressed and I’m not sure why. I logged on to the work server and as I started my work day I decided that Monday, needed to be cancelled. I declared Monday a ‘school holiday’ and after my 4 hour morning shift I went back to bed.

As I laid there I made plans to switch things up; change the way we learn science, the way I manage my time, the way our days were laid out. I had this beautiful plan how I would get on it and “fix” everything. Tomorrow.

I declared Tuesday a ‘school holiday’. I worked my morning shift, went back to bed. After accomplishing nothing on Tuesday, I declared the rest of a week a ‘school holiday’.

I really wish I could say that this week I figured out how we are changing the way we learn science, or how I will manage my time or at least plan our days, but I can’t. To be completely honest, I didn’t even spend time with God. I got completely weighed down by the tasks and checklists. My joy was gone.

This afternoon as I watched a Periscope replay, Mandi Kelly from Worshipful Living reminded me that “God does not make things that are mundane, and God is the creator of all things”. I am called to worship Him in all I do. I can worship as I wash, fold and put away those 15 loads of laundry, as I scrub the gunk that I let build up on the stove, as I organize the closets, as I clean out the office, as I ask forgiveness for allowing my feelings get in the way of my worship.

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Psalm 139

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