High School Curriculum: Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition

High School Curriculum: Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition

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I have to admit that I’ve been putting off studying health in our homeschool for a very long time. It’s been at the very bottom of my list. I’ve been so focused on teaching literature, history, and math, that health has been an afterthought.

High School Curriculum: Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition

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I consider our family to be health conscious. We exercise regularly, we consume an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. We stay away from sweets, we drink plenty of water, and get a reasonable amount of sleep, etc.

Taking a health course seemed redundant. But when I looked at the bigger picture, I saw my definition of health, was incomplete.

Health is more than physical wellness.

Merriam-Webster defines it as:

the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit and a condition in which someone or something is thriving or doing well.

This summer, I was happy to receive a review copy of Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition, because it met a graduation requirement for my 12th grader. And though I initially saw it only as an opportunity to finally tackle a subject I’ve been putting off for 3 years, it has changed the way I think about health.

It has allowed me to realize, that I’ve failed to address the importance of a sound mind and spirit.

High School Curriculum: Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition

About Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition

Health is about stewardship: managing what you have as well as you can.

Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition addresses topics ranging from personal hygiene, to diet and exercise, to sexual purity. It focuses on health and nutrition, from a christian perspective.

The material is broken down into 15 units, and can be used over the course of 1 or 2 semesters, and upon completion, your teen will have earned 1 high school credit.

Apologia makes lesson prep and grading super simple with the included daily assignment suggestions, and grading rubric in the student notebook. Each module consists of text, ‘on your own’ questions, projects, study guide, and exam.

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Apologia Health & Nutrition

Why Your Teen Should Take This Course

As christian parents, our priority, is to point our kids to Jesus, and as homeschoolers, it is to academically prepare them for the future. Since I happen to be both (christian mom and homeschooler), I’m always looking for curriculum that will help them grow spiritually and academically. Most of all, I’m cautious about our curriculum choices. Particularly when said curriculum discusses topics like sex, mental illness and addiction.

Let’s face it, mass shootings, suicide, sexual misconduct, substance abuse, etc., are on the rise, and sadly the desensitization to these and other acts is also on the rise.

Many of these sins are the result of mental and spiritual illness and decay.

Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition does an excellent job at discussing each of these topics in light of God’s word.

High School Curriculum: Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition

Other Mature Topics To Discuss with Your Teen

Keep in mind that the recommended grade levels for this course are 8 through 12. Other mature topics discussed in the text are:

  • mental illness
  • pregnancy
  • gender roles
  • alcohol drug abuse
  • pornography
  • sexually transmitted diseases and more

As expected, Apologia’s presentation of these and all topics is respectful, and always in light of God’s word.

After spending the last few weeks reading and completing the lessons on my own, I’m excited to officially incorporate it in our homeschool.

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