The High Calling of Motherhood Book Review

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The High Calling of Motherhood Book Review - I had the opportunity to read an advance copy of The High Calling of Motherhood, by Chimene Shipley Dupler, and I gotta say I was very blessed by it.

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I had the opportunity to read an advance copy of The High Calling of Motherhood, by Chimene Shipley Dupler, and I gotta say I was very blessed by it. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post.

Chimene is the founder of the Passion4Moms ministry; which holds a yearly conference to encourage moms of all ages and stages of parenting. She is also a speaker on marriage and parenting topics and former social worker.

Mothering is hard because it comes from the heart.

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I have a friend who absolutely loves children, and in turn, children flock to her. For years, she’s expressed her innermost wish is to become a mother, and though she is married to a great man who also longs for a family, they’ve both put it off in fear of what the future might bring. They’re not ready, they say. At the immature ages of 18 and 19, my husband and I were not ready for parenthood, and we were still not ready when our second child was born a year later. I don’t know if anyone is actually ever ready for parenthood. My oldest is now 21 and still feel like a rookie.

Do you ever feel that way?

Motherhood is messy and hard. But it is also a gift. We are leaving a legacy.
We are impacting the culture and the future.
We are leaving 
our mark and handprint on society.
The High Calling of Motherhood, Page 28

While I did find some of the themes to be repetitive, I was blessed by this book. I was also convicted when issues I don’t like to admit to were addressed, particularly in chapter 11 “Reaching Our Child’s Heart”, which discusses mom-anger, obedience, and discipline. Yes, I have been known to express mom-anger at times.

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Chimene reminds us that “while we parent from a place of sin, the redemptive story of God can be told through our families.”

The chapter I found most encouragement on was chapter 12 “Freedom from Fear”.  Motherhood doesn’t get easier as your children get older. On a daily basis, I worry about my older two driving to and from school and work. Yet the Lord has not given us a spirit of fear. “As a child of God, I don’t have to live in fear.”

Whether you’re a momma of littles or a momma of adult children, I recommend you pick up a copy. We all need to remember who we are in Christ, and who He has given us to raise up for His glory alone.

Parenting Adult Children Series

Finally, as an advocate to reaching the next generation of believers, my favorite quote from the book was:

Are you faithfully influencing your children with an eternal perspective? Perhaps your story and your legacy as a mother will impact a culture and a generation to come? 
The High Calling, Page 156

In response, I say, that I want my legacy as a mother to be remembered one who incessantly pointed her children to Christ.

What will your legacy be?

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