3 Tips to Beat The Homeschool Slump: High School Edition

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3 Tips to Beat The Homeschool Slump: High School Edition

It seems that no matter how much you pump yourself up, holidays, summer breaks, family vacations and illnesses, leave you drained. And though you KNOW getting back in the rhythm of things is what you need, you just can’t get out of the slump

I’ve been there, and the feeling of defeat is magnified when you’re homeschooling high school. After years of falling into the what seemed never ending cycle of recovering after a break, I’ve finally figured out what works for our family.

Today, as I join the Conquer the Homeschool Slump series over at Outmatched Mama, I’m sharing 3 tips that have finally pulled us out of the ‘let’s just take an extra day-off‘ cycle.

1.  Year-Round Schooling

We made the switch 3 years ago, after failing miserably to get back on track after summer break. Year-round schooling helps us beat the homeschool slump, by allowing us to take multiple one week breaks each semester, as well as a short break in the summer. We follow the six-weeks-on, one-week-off pattern, like many other homeschool families do.

2. Heed the Wise Counsel of Miss Mason

One of Mason’s 20 principles, is education is a discipline. This means, we are to teach our children the importance of good habits, whether they be habits of mind or body. If we teach our teens (and ourselves) the importance of good habits, working diligently, and taking responsibility for our actions, we can beat the homeschool slumps of years to come.

3. Ditch the Curriculum Trap

Ditching the must-do-all-the-things ideology, accepting that falling behind is not the worst thing in the world, and that flexibility is one of the greatest things about homeschooling is more than enough to help you beat the homeschool slump you’re in.

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