Save Time and Promote Responsibility with The Homey App

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Save Time and Promote Responsibility with The Homey App

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We’ve had at least 8 people in our household for the last 12 years, and cleaning up, doing dishes and managing laundry for at times 13 people is just plain nuts. This is why early on in my large family parenting days we began assigning chores. We’ve had kids helping keep the house clean as young as 2 years old.

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How do you handle the chore situation at home?

I’ve tried all sorts of methods. I once had a 3 foot long, color coded room by room and person by person checklist hanging in my laundry room. I had it laminated, and each family member was responsible for specific tasks each day. My chore lists have evolved through the years, some very elaborate, some simple and some on a giant whiteboard in the laundry room. I’ve used apps, reward systems, and spent literal DAYS obsessing over the to-do’s of large family living.

Save Time and Promote Responsibility with The Homey App
These are some of the chore lists and charts we’ve used in the past.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I tend to have an obsessive personality. I’m obsessive when it comes to cleaning, chores and organization. Type A for sure, so keeping the house clean is something that NEEDS to happen in my life, I have a ridiculous standard of clean, it’s annoying, ask my family. OCD at it’s finest.

The Homey App for Chores

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try the Homey chore management app. After a few minutes on the website I was giddy with excitement about chores (it’s a sickness I know).

After a couple of weeks, I can confidently say we’re sticking with Homey. The reward system has been a great incentive. I have a kid earning reward coins for fancy headphones, another one saving for a new camera, and two teens saving up cash for a new wardrobe.

I spend less time checking if tasks are complete, and I’ve saved a ton of time creating yet another chore chart.

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Save Time and Promote Responsibility with The Homey App

Chores allow children to contribute to the maintenance of their homes and teach valuable life skills, that are not taught in conventional school. Chores provide a sense of responsibility and even teach empathy for their parents, caregivers, and anyone who makes the home they dwell, a safe a comfortable place.

Next week, I plan on having my nieces and nephew over for a few days, to get set up with the app, and working on helping out around their home.

My Favorite Homey Features

Save Time and Promote Responsibility with The Homey App

  • There are pre-set chore list packs. Despite the countless spreadsheets I’ve used in the past, there’s always things I forget. The chore packs include seasonal chores, like cleaning out the gutters, spring cleaning, school days and even Christmas season.
  • You can set up recurring chores, like deep cleaning the washer and dryer every 30 days, or the garage freezer every 15 days. You can even set reminders to organize paperwork (clean up files, shred un-necessary documents, etc.), sharpen kitchen knives, and more.
  • The app also works as a to-do list, with reminders. This reduces the “I forgot” syndrome my kids suffer from.
  • Picture proof. My absolute favorite feature. I can’t tell you how many times my girls run downstairs and claiming they are done, but have to go back up and “make sure” it really is, before I come up and point out that it isn’t. As they complete each task the app will ask them to take a picture as proof. It’s pretty awesome.
  • Responsibilities vs. jobs. There’s a big difference between these two, and we’ve always taught our kids that there are things they can do (chores) to earn some extra cash, privileges or rewards. And that there are others they must do (responsibilities), like feeding and walking the dogs, cleaning out the cat litter, or making their beds.
  • Homey is adult friendly. It’s a fantastic app, even if you don’t have children. You can set reminders for basic home maintenance like caulking around the bathtub (who remembers this ever?) or even organizing digital files.
  • Ability to set up free-for-all chores. My girls love these, because these give them the opportunity to achieve goals faster.
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Save Time and Promote Responsibility with The Homey App

My Girls Favorite Homey Features

  • Goal setting versatility. I’m not a big fan of handing out cash to my younger girls, I’d rather reward them with privileges like being the “remote control master” for an evening, or allowing them to decide where we will go for dinner “boss f0r the night”. Homey gives you the option of setting a privilege goal, dollar goal, or a reward goal.
  • Reward wish list. Items or privileges are added by each family member, but only a parent, can set the amount of coins required to obtain it.
  • The coins and weekly points make chore completion competitive.
  • Payout into savings accounts. Homey allows you to transfer the amount earned directly into a savings or checking account. Two of my girls are big savers. They love the thought of money just piling and collecting interest, so this feature is perfect for them.
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How My Girls Feel About Homey

When I told my girls about Homey, they were less than thrilled. They’ve been through multiple systems, charts, apps rotations, etc. They don’t quite understand my obsession for keeping things running a certain way, nevertheless they agreed to give it a try.

Homey App

On day one my list checking kid was in heaven. She skipped up and down the stairs completing every single task with a huge smile on her face.

My competitive kid was on super speed mode, it was all about those coins.

My teens were not as enthusiastic, but by day 3, they realized they didn’t have as many chores as they once thought. Seeing a list of specific tasks, with instructions took the guesswork out. The picture-taking ability forced them to get it done right the first time. They eventually spent less time completing a task straight away, vs dragging it out throughout the day.

What does Homey Cost?

Homey is available in 3 different versions, I suggest downloading the basic version for free to take a look around yourself. You can upgrade to the premium or unlimited versions right on the app.  The prices and features for all 3 versions are as follows:

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Basic Version
Includes chore management,  allowance & rewards, photo verification, smart notifications, ability to add up to 3 family members.

Premium Version
$29.99 billed annually
Includes chore management,  allowance & rewards, photo verification, smart notifications, ability to add up to 5 family members, unlimited rewards, points management and can connect up to 2 bank accounts.

Unlimited Version
$49.99 billed annually
includes chore management,  allowance & rewards, photo verification, smart notifications, ability to add unlimited family members, unlimited rewards, points management and can connect up to 5 bank accounts and custom permissions.

How do you promote responsibility in your home? Do you have a goal incentive system in place?

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