The CSB (in)courage Devotional Bible, With Women in Mind

The CSB (in)courage Devotional Bible, With Women in Mind

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A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to review the new (in)courage devotional Bible.

I’m familiar with the (in)courage ministry and community, so I was eager to participate when I heard about their devotional Bible.


This devotional Bible, really was created with women in mind.

I’m a christian homeschool mom, which means I spend a great deal of my morning reading and studying the Bible with my girls. We’ve made the (in)courage, our official morning study Bible.

Included, are 312 devotions, written by women, for women. Having a female perspective is essential to me, specially since I’m reading these devotions with my 4 teen and tween girls. Another plus, is that the devotions were written by 122 women. That’s 122 walks of life, ages and experiences so we’re not just getting a single perspective. There’s something there than everyone can relate to.

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Promotes Courageous Women

We’ve all heard of the courage of Noah, and of Moses. The courage of Abraham and Joseph. These men were brave and stood up for their faith in God. But when was the last time you heard about Shirpa and Pua? When did you last hear the story of Joanna and Susanna?

I can’t remember.

We often overlook them as we focus on “the bigger picture” of Bible history. However, a focus on courageous women is crucial for this mom of 5 girls, this aunt of 7 nieces, this daughter of one of 4 sisters, etc. You get the point, there’s a lot of important women in my life, and I’m loving the stories of courage from 50 women in the Bible.

More Features We’re Enjoying

Like all great study Bibles. the (in)courage Devotional Bible is packed with features. Some of our favorites are as follows:

  1. The CSB (Christian Standard Bible) translation is easy to understand and follow, specially when reading out loud to others.
  2. There are 10 thematic reading plans.
  3. As a bonus to the 10 reading plans, you’ll find references to women of courage you can glean inspiration from.
  4. The (in)courage Bible pages also have extra journaling space. I’m thankful for this because my Bible margins tend to be a mess from all the note taking, on top of note taking.
  5. There is handy topical index for quick reference.
  6. Each book of the Bible is introduced succinctly. Ideal when reading with teens that might lose interest if it’s too wordy.

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