Indescribable: Science, Your Kids, and The Bible

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Indescribable: Science, Your Kids, and The Bible - Science has not always been my thing. until I recommitted my life to the Lord. Suddenly science became AWESOME. Suddenly I'm obsessed.

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Science has not always been my thing. I learned what was required in school, but was never interested in more, until I recommitted my life to the Lord. Suddenly science became AWESOME. Suddenly I’m obsessed.

Genesis 1 gives a detailed account of how all things came to be. We’re given an explanation for the sun, moon stars, animals, people, plants. Everything. And the closer we look at any of those, the more we notice the complexities that exists in each. It’s no wonder the debates of creationists and evolutionists grown increasingly popular. It’s no wonder evolutionists feel the need to add more millions and billions of years to their defense.

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The thing is, that my belief in an all-powerful creator has driven me to learn more about our world, learn more about every creature that roams the earth, learn more about the vastness of the universe and varieties of plants that cover the earth. The more I learn, the more deeply rooted my belief in God becomes! The more I see the AWESOMENESS of God.

These past 10 years I’ve made it my mission to show that AWESOMENESS of God to my children. And my Sunday school children, and my nieces and nephews.

INDESCRIBABLE – 100 Devotions About God And Science

I’m constantly looking for great material to share with my girls, as well as my Sunday school kids, and weeks ago I came across a wonderful resource, that I quickly added to my list. It’s a very long list. Then just a few days later, I received a copy to review.  I’ve had the pleasure to share Indescribable, by Pastor Louie Giglio with my Sunday school kids for a few weeks now, and it’s sparked great conversations.

    Table of Contents     Introduction

Why I Believe It’s a Fantastic Resource

Each devotion is based on a verse that speaks of the awesomeness of God. The verse is then related to a scientific fact, which is then related to a spiritual fact. I love this for two reasons:

  1. The science is not ‘dumbed down’ children are much smarter than we often give them credit for.
  2. The spiritual fact is solid and to the point.
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The devotion ends with a prayer and more amazing facts about our God’s creation.

Focus on Specific Topics, Have Great Conversations

The devotions are divided into four separate categories: space, earth, animals and people. The introduction on page 7, will direct you to specific pages for each topic.

My Sunday school kids have been stuck on animals and the questions they’ve been asking have me doing a bit of research before church every week.

More Reasons to Love This Devotional

  1. It’s sturdy! Sturdy enough for lots of 4 year olds to manhandle every week. No pages have been torn off to date!
  2. Its colorful and the kids love it. They can’t wait for ‘the story’ every week.
  3. There are fun illustrations, as well as real photographs. Our favorite is the baby camel on page 115.


Science, The Bible and Kids

These three should not be separated.

As parents, Sunday school teachers, grandparents, aunts and uncles and believers, it’s our responsibility to ensure the children in our lives have a firm foundation on the word of God. The world will use and manipulate science to convince our children that God does not exist. The world will use science to corrupt what our children know deep in their hearts. We must be vigilant, and show our children how science points to the all-powerful creator in the Bible.

What are you doing to instill a love for science and the Bible in your children?SaveSave





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