5 Reasons The Kingdom Code Is Perfect for Kid Entrepreneurs

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5 Reasons The Kingdom Code Is Perfect for Kid Entrepreneurs

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Last summer, as the slime craze swept the nation, it also took over our home.

Even my 20 year old daughter was consumed with watching slime videos, and for her birthday, my soon to be 12 year old, requested 6 gallons of glue. Aside from the mess, and a stained table, what was left were nearly 12 pounds of slime, in tiny 4 oz. containers, in various colors, textures and scents.

This is how the slime shop began.

Financial Literacy is Crucial When Starting Business

This was just one of the very profitable businesses started by my kids. Unfortunately, much like the other ones, the slime shop lost steam, as my girl lost interest and grew out of the slime making stage.

Like her, my sister and I were kid entrepreneurs. We ran a cartooning business in grade school, a paper plane making business a little after that, and even a bubble blowing business later on. We were always looking for a way to make some extra arcade money.

The problem often was that we could only take our business idea so far with our very limited knowledge and skillset.

When I heard of Kingdom Code, I was super excited. Even more so, when I got the opportunity to check out their curriculum for myself.

From their website:

The Kingdom Code’s simple curriculum is a fun, hands-on program which helps parents and teachers educate kids and young teens with the right methods and tools on how to become kid entrepreneurs using Biblical principles!

My girls have been kid entrepreneurs for as long as I can remember, but like my sister and I at their age, they lack the skills to really put their ideas into action, and lack the knowledge on how to manage the income acquired for their business ventures.

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5 Reasons The Kingdom Code Is Perfect for Kid Entrepreneurs

1. Kids Build a Business From the Ground Up

Even if your child has no idea what type of business they can go into, the Kingdom Code starter packet includes 3 pages of service business ideas, separated into different categories. It then makes kid entrepreneurs research each idea, and plan on the execution, by asking questions like how often they’ll perform the service, how much people would and should pay, who would be interested in this type of service, etc.

You’ll even find a business plan worksheet where kids can think about their business name, address, hours of operation sevices offered, marketing, strategy and financial plan.

2. Hands On Business Management

The Kingdom Code starter pack, includes a step-by-step customer survey. It teaches kid entrepreneurs how to apporach and talk to potential customers, to develop a lasting relationship.

Further more, the financial planning worksheets included are something even I can benefit from. Seriously a ton of great information, I wish I’d had available when I started my own business.

3. It Puts God First

The Kingdom Code, places great emphasis in building treasure not just for self, but to honor God. Lesson 1 teaches kids to think differently, and to first put on the armor of God, encouraging kids to look at wealth and financial stability through God’s eyes. The Kingdom Code motto is “Make and manage money… God’s way!

4. It Teaches Economics

In lesson 8 kids will learn the importance of keeping their books in order, by using a ledger. In lesson 13 they will focus on the importance of saving, lesson 19 will take them on a bank visit, and lesson 22 will take a closer look at economical growth.

The Kingdom Code encourages kid entrepreneurs, to take charge of their own financial future.

5. Passionate Curriculum Writers

This is by far, my favorite part about this curriculum. Last month, I had the opportunity to meet Jimmie Byler, the author and creator of this curriculum, and I was moved by her commitment to teaching kids financial responsibility and entrepreneurship. Jimmie shared her business story with me as she eagerly showed me how to use her curriculum. She even shared success stories of students who have used the course in years past.

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This godly lady is passionate about making a difference in kids lives through entrepreneurship and stewardship.

After coming home and sharing some of these stories with my girls, they couldn’t wait to get back into business planning mode.

5 Reasons The Kingdom Code Is Perfect for Kid Entrepreneurs

My 12 year old has since launched a dog washing business and my 11 year old has started a car washing business. Both agree these businesses will only run through the summer, as we get more and more familiar with the curriculum, and both are eager to start new businesses in the fall.

The Complete Starter Kit

The Kingdom Code staff kindly sent us their complete starter kit, which includes the following:

  • Full Color Textbook
  • Teacher Guide
  • Student Packet
    • Worksheets
    • Vocabulary Flashcars
    • Receipt Book
    • KCK Treasure Map and Stickers
    • Budget Kit
    • Coloring Book
    • Posters/Binder Covers

5 Reasons The Kingdom Code Is Perfect for Kid Entrepreneurs

If you’re raising a budding kid entrepreneur, this curriculum is for you. You’ll find all you need and more.

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