Memoirs of a Boomerang Child

Memoirs Of A Boomerang Child

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Memoirs Of A Boomerang Child - I would love to talk about the prodigal son, but that’s not my story. Mine is more like that of a boomerang child fleeing back and forth.

The conversation started with my sister in Christ asking me if I would like to be a guest for her blog party, with a focus on Biblical Motherhood.  My first reaction, to be honest was fear. Me, write on Biblical Motherhood?  She must not know me that well.  I’ve just began (again) on a deep relationship with God.

Once A Boomerang Child

See, if you were to see my posts either through Instagram or Facebook you would think that my feet were always deeply rooted in faith.  I would love to tell you I grew up singing Jesus Loves Me, and that I’ve read the Bible over and over from the time I was a child, but I cannot.

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I’m a prodigal daughter.

I would love to talk to you about the prodigal son (Luke 15); but that’s not my story. In fact, I want to draw your attention to another story, that was laid on my heart in a recent sermon. I heard it when I went home for a weekend visit, but before I tell it to you, here’s my story.

My story, is more like that of a boomerang child that went fleeing back and forth both literally and through my faith.

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I started out, as a child of faith.

I was baptized, went to Sunday School faithfully, was confirmed into the Lutheran church and went on to teaching Sunday School. Then, life began to get rattled, and I was losing my focus.

My focus was more on my independence, and wanting freedom, and getting out of my parent’s home. I wanted my own home. A home I could decorate as I wanted, a refrigerator I could fill, and meals I would prepare.  I was itching to be a grown-up.  Little did I know, Satan was using these desires and fancy things to lure me away from the Throne. I took the bait, moved out of my parent’s home, and moved in with a significant other.

It was all gum drops and lollipops at first.

Everything seemed at the time, so refreshing and free. Then just like any end table that was just dusted, my relationship began showing signs of uncleanliness. It started showing undesirable emotions, and it was stacked and stacked with piles of junk.  The uncleanliness, was turning into abuse I was receiving both mentally and emotionally.

I remember lying next to him in bed and praying to God saying,

I know I have drifted from you but I still feel you near and I know this is not the life You have planned for me. Please God, get me out of this situation, and bring to me a man that will love You more than me.

I prayed this night after night.

I woke one Sunday morning, with light shining in my face. A warm gentle breeze blowing across my cheek, and birds whistling a beautiful tune. I got up, and took myself back to church.

I hadn’t been attending regularly, because Satan was telling me that 20 minutes, was too far for me to go. But I showed him on that Sunday. My family was shocked as I walked through that door and they rejoiced.  Sounds like a perfect ending, right?

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Not even close.

The abuse got worse. I was trapped, like a bird in a cage. I was forced to clean his nasty elimination in the bathroom. He hit me once, and THAT was the end. I finally knew it was my time to get out. I planned my getaway when he was gone on a hunting trip.

I went back to live with my parents, and realized that I had much more freedom there and that God had big plans.

Today A Redeemed Child

Now; as I write this, I am married to a God loving man that has blessed me to the moon and back with two beautiful and wonderful children. Let me tell you this:

Be prepared for what you ask of God, for because He will bless you with abundance. Click To Tweet

I never, in a million years dreamed to be living this life. I was once in the pit of hell, asking for forgiveness. Sure, those days may have resembled the story of a father rejoicing over his child’s return, but I have another parable, that is equally encouraging.

Memoirs Of A Boomerang Child

Let’s look at the Parable of the Two Sons, in Matthew 21. Jesus talks of two sons who were instructed to work in a vineyard.  The first objects to his father’s command. The father moves onto the next and commands that son, to which the he agrees, but does not follow through. In the end; it is the first son that obeys his father’s command.

Now which would you prefer?

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Satan can tempt us to be strong on words but weak on actions. Satan tempted me with his words. God loves, those who are obedient. God proved His actions by His grace, mercy and love for me by answering my prayers. Jesus gives us the power to do the will of God, and to make our actions stronger than our words.

I never thought I’d be writing about God’s Word. He had, and continues to have a plan for me. He has a plan for each of us.

Do you have a boomerang child?

I ask you to pray for your child every day.  Send them words of encouragement, never judge and always offer that warm welcome if they should ever need it.  We are to resemble God’s love and character. You can steer that child back to God, by showing them what God’s love looks like.

I’m so thankful for my parent’s warm welcome back at that time, and so thankful that God never gave up on me and welcomed me back as well.

Prayers and blessings to you and your family, in His name I pray, Amen.


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