Motherhood, For Such A Time As This

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Motherhood, For Such A Time As This - As we've been called and equipped for motherhood, we are to equip our children with the word of God. One day they'll stand to defend their faith.

Motherhood presents itself at different times and in different ways. I’ve know women who have tried to conceive for decades, women who’ve opened their hearts and arms to adopted or foster children, women who have raised a niece or a nephew as their own. Women who planned on motherhood since they themselves were little girls.

For me, motherhood presented itself, when I was seventeen.

I wasn’t married, I hadn’t planned on ever getting married, much less having kids. I didn’t like kids. They were always sticky, or crying, or whining. I was going to become a journalist, or an Air Force pilot. I was going to travel the world, and explore places no one had ever been to. This was the dream.

As I stared at that pregnancy test, for what seemed hours, the dreams of travels and adventures in far away lands were gone; and to my shock, I wasn’t crushed. I was excited. That was the day I became a mother.

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A calling to motherhood.

Twenty-two years and six kids later, I can proudly say, that I was called to be a mother. But it took me years to realize it. For years I was crippled by my constant search for perfection.

Inadequacy. Comparison. Insecurity.

These were my chains. These are the lies the enemy wants us to believe. Sadly we often do.

I’m reminded of the stories of Hannah & Peninnah, and Leah & Rachel. In both instances, we meet women who 1) cried out to the Lord for children, and 2) were tormented by their rivals.

As a Bible student, I know these detailed accounts were given to us for a reason. Both stories illustrate the sadness and frustration that stem from comparison. The Lord greatly blessed both Hannah and Leah. Both had been called to be mothers from the beginning of time, but their insecurity had blurred their vision.

Equipped for motherhood, not perfection.

Are you going through a season of blurred vision? Is insecurity or comparison consuming your time?

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There is nothing I enjoy more, than being a mom. My life is packed with adventure, excitement, love and laughter. However, there is also disappointment, feelings of inadequacy and the occasional quest for perfection.

Have you seen this list of 52 job titles for moms? I’m sure you can add a few of your own. We look at lists like these and laugh, however, if you’re a mom you understand the reality of this list. Fort Engineer? Yes, I’ve done that.

The problem is, we often try to do-all-the-things-at-the-same-time. And when we fail, we compare.  As Christian moms, we are not immune to the lies of the enemy, however scripture tells us we are complete in Him.

Like Hannah and Leah, we too have been called to the blessing of motherhood since the beginning of time. And he will equip us with what we need.

For such a time as this.

The very wise words made famous by the Spider-Man comics can be applied here:

With great power comes great responsibility.

As mothers, we have been put in a place of authority over our children. We are their advocates, their intersessors, their guides.  Therefore it is our duty to lead them to Christ.

Psalm 127:3 tells us that children are a heritage from the LORD, The fruit of the womb a rewardand Deuteronomy 6 exhorts us to teach the Word to our children diligently.

Motherhood, For Such A Time As This

Just as we have been called and equipped for motherhood, we are to equip our children with the saving word of God, with the end goal that one day, they will be able to stand up for the call to defend their faith.

Mom, you have been refined like gold, for such a time as this.

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