Music Appreciation For The Homeschooler on the Go

Music Appreciation For The Homeschooler on the Go

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Music Appreciation For The Homeschooler on the Go - Sound Bites, is saving me time, AND the blank stares I gave my girls every Monday when they asked "so what do you have for music appreciation this week?".

How often do you incorporate Music Appreciation in your homeschool?

I’m ashamed to admit, that until recently it wasn’t as much as I would have liked.

We’ve been following the Charlotte Mason philosophy in our homeschool, almost right from the start. One of the reasons her philosophy resonates with us is that we love the fine arts. Since the beginning, I wanted to make it a point to introduce my girls to great composers, artists, playwrights, etc. But the problem was that we never seemed to have enough time. And when we made the time, I couldn’t get them to do anything else, which made us fall behind on core subjects like math.

20 Days of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling

Additionally, my girls love the performing arts (theater & choir) as well as sports. Which means we are hardly ever home.

A few of years ago, instead of trying to work both myself and the girls into the late hours of the night, the realization that homeschooling is completely flexible and customizable finally hit me! So I started finding ways to homeschool on the go. We started using more audio books and video on the car, while on our way to extra curricular activities.

The struggle though, was always music appreciation. Since I was either always working, or always on the go with the girls I didn’t have a great deal of time to intentionally plan their composer studies.

Enrichment Studies

Sound Bites, and How It Works

Sound Bites, has made my planning so much easier, and it’s saving me both time, AND the blank stares I gave my girls every Monday when they asked “so what do you have for music appreciation this week?“.

The amazing Erica from Enrichment Studies, must have seriously read my mind when she created this program. Sound Bites is the zero-stress way to teach music appreciation.

From their website:

Carefully curated videos offer a close-up view of instruments, singers, art, nature, and places where the arts happen all over the world!

The videos are sent to my email every weekday morning, and I no longer have to spend valuable time searching and planning every Sunday night. It’s a game changer.

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We now play the videos on our TV as we have breakfast every morning. We are learning even before or school day begins! And I LOVE that our mornings seem to be a little more productive knowing that music appreciation has been taken care of, and it inspires us to keep listening to great music throughout our day.

It’s Open Enrollment Time!

Sound Bites is currently enrolling new students for the spring semester, which will focus on the Baroque and Classical Era, featuring works from Beethoven, Mozart, handle, Vivaldi, Back and more.

There’s a bonus 100+ page free resource with every purchase, which includes music listening pages for littles, middles, and bigs; printables for learning about dynamics, tempo, and instrument families, coloring pages, and writing prompts. 

If you have a high schooler (or two) like I do, you’ll be grateful for the included listening & learning log, to help you stay on track for earning high school credit, and notebooking pages for writing more about the composers or pieces of music. 

The membership cost is per family and per semester, and at just $30 it’s an incredible deal.

Sound Bites








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