How Mr. D Math Eliminated Our Homeschool Math Fears

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How Mr. D Math Eliminated Our Homeschool Math Fears

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After a very long and frustrated venting session on a Facebook group a few months ago, a homeschool mom suggested Mr. D Math. I finally got the opportunity to try the Mr. D Math curriculum hands on.

I failed Algebra I my freshman and sophomore years of high school; then somehow passed the following year. I’m convinced my math teacher awarded me that glorious D minus out of pure pity. I’d love to say that my struggle with math ended in high school, but unfortunately the lack of ability to comprehend math concepts, was passed on to my kids. All six of them.

The day we decided to homeschool, the struggle became fear.

The thought of having to teach the kids math terrified me. It was almost a deal breaker. I could barely help my 4th grader with public school homework, I didn’t want to imagine having to teach my high schoolers Algebra.

By the time Mr. D math was suggested, we had tried several different methods and curriculum. Though some methods were working well for a couple of the kids, I was still completely out of the loop, and unable to help anyone.

How Mr. D Changed How My Child Sees Math

Homeschooling a child that was once public schooled can be challenging, particularly schooling one who still has lots of public schooled friends and is constantly comparing homeschool to public school. Since we began homeschooling, my third youngest daughter (Amaya) felt “behind” grade level. This behind feeling specially affected her attitude towards math.

How Mr. D Math Eliminated Our Homeschool Math Fears

Amaya and I browsed the Mr. D website before attending her first live class, and after looking at a couple of sections she was overwhelmed and discouraged. In her words, “everything looked very hard“. However, after watching the first pre-recorded video lesson for the pre-algebra course, she was more enthusiastic, and even more so after attending the live session.

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Even though some of the concepts looked hard at first, she was able to quickly solve the equations n the assignment by remembering what she had learned during the live session. Later that afternoon, Mr. D reached out to us, and congratulated her for jumping right in to a semester review and playing along with the rest of the class. This small gesture encouraged her to continue watching the video lessons.

How Mr. D Math Works

Each lesson is divided into multiple sections, and a video lesson is provided at the beginning of each section. The student takes a quiz at the end of each section, before moving on. There are also online chapter tests at then of every chapter.  You can see how the lessons are broken down, on the screenshot below.

How Mr. D Math Eliminated Our Homeschool Math Fears

When you sign up for the Online Curriculum + Online Class Sessions, Mr. D even offers extra help sessions every week! This is something I need to take advantage of myself, I need all the extra help I can get.

Mr. D’s curriculum is completely online. Amaya even learned some excel formulas when completing the assignments. I’ve seen other programs with similar features, however Mr. D math has two HUGE advantages:

  1. You can choose to sign-up for weekly LIVE classes. Check out the class schedule at the end of this post.
  2. Mr. D makes math FUN (I don’t believe I’ve ever used these words in the same sentence before).

You can see some more screenshots below.

How Mr. D Math Eliminated Our Homeschool Math Fears

Why We Love the Mr. D Math Approach

It just makes sense.

Mr. D math is a lot easier because Mr. D explains everything so that I can understand it. I thought pre-algebra would be much more difficult, but now that everything is taught differently, it makes sense.
– Amaya

Many math programs show you how to solve an equation step by step, but very few explain the “why” behind each step. For my analytical child having a live teacher to explain each step just as she is learning made the difference she needed.

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How Mr. D Math Eliminated Our Homeschool Math Fears

Who Can Benefit from Mr.D’s Math Curriculum?

After doing some of the lessons myself, I too have gained confidence and have been trying to help the rest of the girls when they need a bit of help. I highly recommend this course for anyone who struggles, and even fears higher math (just like me). The video discussions, live sessions and extra help are a deal maker in my opinion.

Mr. D offers Online Curriculum Only (self-paced) and Online Curriculum + Online Class Sessions. Check out the course offering below:

Pre Algebra: Self Paced – Online (Mondays) – Online (Tuesdays)  – Readiness

Algebra I: Self Paced – Online (Mondays) – Online (Tuesdays)  – Readiness

Geometry: Self Paced – Online (Mondays) – Online (Tuesdays) – Summer Session

Algebra II: Self Paced – Online (Mondays) – Online (Tuesdays) – Readiness

Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry: Self Paced – Online (Mondays) – Online (Tuesdays) – Readiness

For more, follow Mr. D on Facebook, Twitter, and catch some sample lessons of YouTube.

Do you struggle with math? Which of these courses are you most interested in?

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