Extend Learning Opportunities, with Online Unit Studies

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Extend Learning Opportunities, with Online Unit Studies


Online Unit Studies, created by Beth, The Techie Homeschool Mom, are a fantastic way to ease your kids in the world of online learning. Now that your homeschool organization is up and ready to go, it’s a great time to start looking into next year’s curriculum, as well as continued learning over the summer.

5 Reasons to Include Online Unit Studies in Your Homeschool

1. All the work has already been done for you.

Each unit study includes curated content that can be accessed directly from your browser. There’s no need to search or download additional material.

Some of the projects (art studies for example), will require additional supplies. A supply list is provided at the beginning of the course. These are typically common household items, which means you don’t have to run around looking in specialty stores.

2. Online Unit Studies are fun and engaging.

Each unit study contains videos, timelines, and a project. Not only will your child learn by reading and watching, but they will also learn hands on, by creating an art piece themselves for example.

3. They are available in a wide variety of subjects, and skill levels.

You’ll find art studies, biographies, history, science, and holidays. You can take a look at the selection here.

4. You have the flexibility to purchase them a la carte, or in bundles.

If you’re just looking to supplement your child’s learning, you’ll find an online unit study to suit your needs. However if like me, you’re looking to extend the learning opportunities over the summer, you’ll find that the bundles offer quality material, at an amazing price. Best of all, you can use Online Unit Studies with multiple kids.

5. Each Online Unit Study, is created by a mom, just like you and I.

I love supporting working homeschooling moms, specially those who are dedicated to creating curriculum. They know first hand what we need, and the material they offer becomes truly a labor of love, since they originally intended for it to be used with their kids.

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Extend Your Summer Learning Opportunities

We’re year round homeschoolers for multiple reason, and one of those is because I’ve found in the past that getting back to a homeschool routine after a 3 month break is very difficult.

We do however keep school work lighter than usual over the summer, so Online Unit Studies are a perfect fit this time of year.

This summer, we’re focusing on famous artists.

Try it yourself!

If you’re intrigued, but not yet ready to commit, check out the free lesson sampler. The titles included in the sampler are:

  1. Ancient Greece: “Ancient Greece Innovations”
  2. Famous Artists: Volume 1: “What is Art?”
  3. Famous Birthdays: “Steve Jobs”
  4. Solar System: “The Sun”
  5. Christmas Around the World: “Christmas in France”

If you’re ready to jump in and start using Online Unit Studies, feel free to use to use coupon code ‘MUSINGS’, and receive $5 off your purchase of $20 or more.

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