Organized 365

Organized 365

Tips & Monthly Challenges To Help You Get Your Home in Order in 2018

Organized 365

I’m a self-diagnosed compulsive organizer. I just LOVE sorting things into different piles. Then sorting those piles into neat stacks. Then organizing those neat stacks by color, size, shape, alphabetical order, etc.

It’s a sickness! Or a superpower?

Either way, I’ve decided to use this… let’s call it a gift for good.

I’ll be sharing tips to get you organized and save money over the next 12 months. One step at a time, with tips, challenges and some giveaways along the way. YAY!

Won’t it be great to FINALLY clean out the garage, and get rid of the ever-growing stack of mail on your kitchen counter?

It can be done.

To get you and I motivated, and so that we can hold each other accountable, I’ve created a Facebook group, where we can cheer each other on.

Are you in?

As the posts and challenges go live you’ll find the links here, so bookmark this page! 


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Home Office

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School room

Our Organized Homeschool Space
Our Organized Homeschool Space (2017)