Organized 365

Organized 365

10 Days of Tech in Your Homeschool

Tips & Monthly Challenges To Help You Get Your Home in Order in 2018

Organized 365

I’m a self-diagnosed compulsive organizer. I just LOVE sorting things into different piles. Then sorting those piles into neat stacks. Then organizing those neat stacks by color, size, shape, alphabetical order, etc.

It’s a sickness! Or a superpower? 

Either way, I’ve decided to use this… let’s call it a gift for good. 

I’ll be sharing tips to get you organized and save money over the next 12 months. One step at a time, with monthly challenges and some giveaways along the way. YAY!

Won’t it be great to FINALLY clean out the garage, and get rid of the ever-growing stack of mail on your kitchen counter? 

It can be done.

To get you and I motivated, and so that we can hold each other accountable, I’ve created a Facebook group, where we can cheer each other on. 

Are you in? 

The neatly arranged boxes below tell you what we’ll be working on each month. As the posts and challenges go live you’ll find the links here, so bookmark this page!