I Spent the Day Planning a Party Instead of ​Homeschooling

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We’ve all had those days.

You know, the days when you know exactly which assignments you want the kids to complete before taking a week off, or before a holiday, yet nothing gets done.


My 3rd oldest is turning 16, or actually she turned 16 last month but we are having a rather large party to celebrate this milestone in the middle of May, and unlike my oldest girl, this one is a little behind on the party planning. A couple of weeks ago we were scheduled to take a quick 5 minute walk-through the banquet hall where said shindig will take place. It’s not far from the house, so we decided take maybe an hour off our Wednesday morning for the tour.

Very quickly this one hour on a Wednesday morning escalated into a Wednesday to Friday affair. We toured the facility, the decoration inspiration bug bit us and we ended up driving to multiple party supply stores. The following day we went dress shopping, and spent hours on Pinterest looking up cakes.

Have you ever planned a sweet sixteen? It’s just a little less intense than planning a wedding. This is my 2nd one of 5. Yikes.

Homeschool Mom Guilt BINGO

While all this running around was going on, I didn’t once stop to think “hey we’re supposed to be schooling right now”. It all kind of hit me that following Saturday afternoon, as I was prepping the following week’s lessons.

Homeschool Mom Guilt At It’s Worse

We homeschool year round, so we had a scheduled week off in just another week. I had in my perfect planner mode purposed to complete the history unit and book we were currently on, in order to begin the new term with brand new curriculum. Everything was perfectly planed.  So how did I ‘fix’ this 3 day shortage of history lessons?

I made my girls make up the work during the break week [hangs head in shame].

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That week they had looked forward to, with sleeping in, swimming and just relaxing around the house was gone. I killed their joy.

On day 3 of no break week (yes a little late, I know) I realized I turned this fun week, into the opposite. They were dreading starting the next term and the new history curriculum they were previously excited about.

Taking Control of Homeschool Mom Guilt


Homeschooling allows us complete control of our children’s education. It’s one of the biggest reasons most of us decided on living this lifestyle anyway! Why then do we feel guilty when this task or that task is left un-done?

What I realized is that taking the time to dress shop, party plan, and dream up of the perfect way to celebrate my daughter’s milestone is more important than falling 3 days behind on history. One of my goals as a mother is to make memories with my children. Give them something to smile and laugh about long after I’m gone. I want them to share stories of our crazy adventures with their kids and grandkids one day.

Is that not more important than 3 days of history lessons?

I think so.

Kick Homeschool Mom Guilt

Next time you skip a math lesson, science project, or craft; remember you are not just a homeschool mom. You are also a spiritual leader, social activities director, personal shopper, birthday party planner, cheerleader, and so much more!

Show your child every side of you, be flexible and kick that guilt to the curb!

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