Everyone Wants to Quit in November

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I love routines,  I am definitely creature of habit, however  this past month has been the complete opposite. About two weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday I became completely overwhelmed with everything, specially homeschooling. I’ve heard everyone considers quitting in November and February, but with this being just my third year, I didn’t have much to compare it to.

I really did want to quit. Getting lessons ready for 4 girls, working full time from home, holiday season coming up, an upcoming road trip to plan for, a big theater performance for 5 out of my 6 children plus a full basketball schedule just became too much. On November 16th, I decided we would take 2 weeks off for Thanksgiving. The Monday after Thanksgiving I got sick so we took an additional week. By the end of that week with the theater performance just around the corner I still had 6 costumes to make. I threw in the towel, and decided we’d reconvene in January.

Am am so glad I did.

I do have to admit that taking the time off also created some stress, because now I was trying to figure out how we’d make up for lost time, but was quickly reminded that one of the reasons we chose to homeschool, was so our kids wouldn’t be stuck reading textbooks and completing worksheets every day. We chose this lifestyle so they would get to experience life, learn in different aspects, and learn about different things. Life experience. We cooked together, sewed together. We planned our road trip and learned lots about the 11 different states we were going to visit.

When you’re overwhelmed with all the lessons that need to be planned, and all the boxes that need to be checked, remember why homeschooling was your choice. Take a deep breath and enjoy the short time you have with these blessings you’ve been given.

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