Why The She Reads Truth Bible, Is The Perfect Study Bible

Why The She Reads Truth Bible, Is The Perfect Study Bible

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When a close friend of mine first became a believer and received her very first Bible she treated it with such reverence, that it gave the impression it would burst into flames if anyone even laid eyes on it. She carried it in a box, which she carried in a paper bag, which she carried in her laptop case. She didn’t bring it to church very often, in fear something would happen to it.

I’m all for reverence for the word of God. After all, God is Holy and so is His Word. However, my friend’s obsessive behavior was preventing her growth. You see, she would only pull it of out the case, and the bag and the box on very special occasions, which meant she spent almost no time getting to know her Lord and God.

Why The She Reads Truth Bible, Is The Perfect Study Bible

The packaging was crippling.

One Sunday morning, as we sat side by side in church, she nudged me and whispered: I can’t believe you would disrespect Him like that! She was utterly horrified as she saw the colorful markings on my Bible. She shook her head and looked away disapprovingly.

I’ve always been one of those people who freely mark in their Bible. I’ve gone through four the last couple years, with so many markings, it’s sometimes difficult to read the notes I wrote in the first place.

Last month, I got the opportunity to review the new She Reads Truth Bible. I’ve had it in my hands for an entire month, and I have to say I absolutely love it. I’ve had a journaling Bible for quite some time. I like to create artsy pages and sometimes go a little crazy with paint, journaling pens and gel medium, so when my She Reads Truth Bible arrived I was giddy. I figured I’d have another Bible to create on, however as I spent a little more time in it, it became something else.

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My She Reads Truth Bible is the perfect study Bible.

Some of my favorite features of the She Reads Truth Bible:

  •  Reading plans. There’s a plan at the beginning of each book, it includes passages from other books to help you see how the whole story comes together.
  • Chapter highlights, that don’t get in the way of reading the Word. They are contained, and simply help you reflect on key verses. I love that they’re on a separate page, not as notes in the margin, or below the text like most study Bibles.
  • Friendly easy to read translation.
  • Thin pages, that won’t let your pen bleed on the other side. I was a little worried when I noticed how thin the pages were at first, however I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy they are.
  • Maps and timelines right where you need them, not just in the back.
  • Color! Yes color inside, all over not just in the back where the maps are.
  • It’s pretty. Yeah sounds shallow but be realistic, we all like pretty things.
  • Plenty of room for notes in the margin. No more taking notes on top of notes.

Why The She Reads Truth Bible, Is The Perfect Study Bible

Bible journaling is like writing an open letter to the King.

The friend I mentioned before, no longer keeps her Bible in a safe. She’s gotten to know the Lord in a more personal way these last couple of years. Today, she too writes all over her Bible. You might feel like she once did, and that’s completely ok, but let me challenge you to make tour Bible your own.

Why The She Reads Truth Bible, Is The Perfect Study Bible

Use those margins to record how the Lord is speaking to you. Use them to write down prayers, and praises to the King of Kings. Use the margins to keep track of conversations with the Father, and how His Word is constantly shaping your life and heart.



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